Winter Delights : New beginnings @ 2021

Narrativa: Story Telling
Let the celebrations begin: Making Cheesecake
Pen & Scissors: Stipple Art & Origami
Health Talk: Healthy body
Stitch in time:Embroidery & Mask making

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a series of sessions for the students of classes VI to VIII in the winter break. The aim of the Winter Delight activities was to aid the holistic growth and development of the students. These activities were organised with the objective of ensuring student engagement, productivity and fun-filled learning

The activities were organised from 4 January 2020 to 8 January 2020 on 10 am to 11.30 am. The activities were planned and supervised by the Headmistress, Ms Niva Chhonkar. The Reps of Classes VI to VIII, Ms Reema Khosla, Ms Mahima Goel, Ms Rituraj, Ms Nalini Gautam, Ms Vaishali Tiwari and Ms Pratibha Sacher welcomed the respective speakers and initiated the sessions.

“Narrativa – Story Telling”

“Narrativa – Storytelling” session conducted on 4 January 2021 was fun filled with activities and songs. It was indeed a good start for the ‘Winter Delights  : New Beginnings@2021.

Ms.  Neena Mathew, who is a certified child Psychologist and founder of an innovative learning center- Mind and ME,  narrated the story with a message of gratitude and giving back to the society The entire one hour session was quite engaging and entertaining. 

Cake Time – Making a Cheesecake 

Cake time – Making a Cheesecake  session was a very informative and engaging session held on 5 January 2021.The session was conducted by Mr. Jai Kishan Balchandani  and  Chef Abhas Jain from Indian school of Hospitality, Gurgaon.

Step by step recipe of making  a vegetarian cheesecake was shared by the chef. He also answered some frequently asked questions related to cooking  and  shared some tips along  while making a cheesecake to make it more delicious.

Pen & Scissors – Stipple Art, Origami 

The artistic session helmed by two presenters held on 6 January 2021 introduced two new activities to the audience. Ms Sanya Gupta, a freelance artist and an alumna of Delhi Public School, RK Puram introduced the technique of creating Stipple Art. She demonstrated creating mountains through the technique and offered many interesting tips along the way.

The second session was conducted by Ms Jatinder Kaur, PGT Art at Delhi Public School, RK Puram. Ms Jatinder showed a new and interesting way of creating origami flowers and leaves. Primarily using paper folding technique, she demonstrated the creation of a colourful bunch of flowers which can be used for decoration or simply to brighten up our surroundings.

“Health Talk -1. Let the skin glow 2. For your eyes only 3. Healthy Diet”

The ‘Health Talk’ session held on 7 January 2021 included simple routine tips, ones worthy to incorporate into our lifestyle. The session began with Dr. Amit Vij, M.D. Dermatology, throwing light upon how important it is to take care of our scalp, our skin and nourish them. He also advised towards the type and use of oil and moisturizers on our scalp and skin respectively. The role of a healthy nutritious diet also goes a long way to maintain a healthy skin. 

Dr Parijat Chandra, Professor Ophthalmology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, provided valuable insight to taking care of our eyes, especially during these times and age where the dependence on electronic media has increased for education and relaxation. The correct posture to be maintained while sitting in front of the computer and  the distance to be maintained while reading and writing at a table were reinforced. He suggested following the 20-20-20 rule, that is, Every 20 minutes, Take a 20 second break from looking at the screen, Look at something at least twenty feet away. This would help reduce strain on the eyes. A PowerPoint Presentation accompanied the talk to drive home the various points.Dr. Abhishek Shankar, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Lady Hardinge Medical College spoke about the increase in incidence of cancer due to the changes in our environment and  our lifestyle. He advised eating a fibrous diet, including turmeric and garlic in our diet, having food rich in antioxidants like broccoli, cabbage, dark green leafy vegetables,and keeping a low intake of salt. He also advised the exclusion of unhealthy fats,alcohol and nicotine products as these induce poor health conditions.

 “Stitch in time – Embroidery Show & Mask Making”

The session  ‘stitch in time’ was very informative and interesting for the students , held on 8 January 2021 . Ms. Niharika Suneja taught simple techniques of stitching which is essential for everyday life and to make us self reliant.She showed how to repair a torn piece of fabric with a very simple technique. She even explained how to stitch a button on our own. 

The most interesting part of the session was mask making. She showed us how to stitch our own mask at home and also how to decorate it with simple designs or our name initials. Overall the session was skill building and engaging.