Winners of “I am…” competition By Berkeley University

The Earth’s CEO team under Professor Solomon Darwin,Professor, Berkeley University  invited the students of Delhi Public School R. K. Puram to participate in the “I am…” competition. This competition was an opportunity for the students to get recognized for their creative talents and critical thinking skills.

In this competition students had to write about  the natural resources as assets and their feelings about their condition in the present scenario , what they could do to improve them or even about the important role they play in our lives. They were supposed to cite factual data in a creative manner and write an essay from the perspective of the asset chosen by them. Two students from class VI-K, Rehyaan Singh who had written an essay on “I am the Ocean” and Tarush Aran,had written an essay on “I am the Air” won this competition . The essays had to be submitted by 1 November 2020.. Rehyaan had written an essay on “I am the Ocean”