Virtual Guest Speaker Program- Class VI

A Guest Speaker Programme was organised on 14th August 2020 for the students of Class VI. The guest speaker, Dr.Amit Kaur Puri, Project Manager CSR at Apeejay Stya University, spoke on the topic ‘Growing your Microgreens’. She conducted an interactive and live session demonstrating how to use various seeds to grow small edible plants in an easy and simple way by using materials available at home. Students were acquainted with composting as an effective method of solid waste management to include the idea of 3RC: reduce, reuse, recycle and compost using kitchen wastes. Seeds of Jamun, litchi, black eyed beans (lobia) were sown using the method of mixed cropping. The session was followed by an interaction with students where their queries were answered. The concept of growing plants at home without using any pesticides was found to be very useful by the students. The program ended with a vote of thanks proposed by the Headmistress, Ms.Niva Chhonkar, who expressed her appreciation for the interesting session conducted by the speaker and reiterated that students must perform these activities under the supervision of parents.The programme was coordinated by Ms. Shruti Gupta.