Value of the Month (July-2017)

Value of the Month (July-2017) Classes VI-VIII – Respect

Class VI

The value of month for July 2017 was respect. The students discussed the meaning of respect through various activities. They prepared quotations, slogans and posters related to the topic. Students were also called on to share their thoughts on the idea of being respectful and earning respect through good behaviour.

The class teachers and subject teachers endeavoured to inculcate the value in the students by providing a platform for the students to share stories and examples related to the topic.

Class VII

Class teachers briefed the students about respect, its meaning and its importance in an Individual’s life. Students were asked to share their views on the topic. They were motivated with real life instances. A general discussion was done in all the classes. The concept of Indian values was taken into consideration and emphasis was laid on it. Students prepared quotations, slogans and posters related to the topic.

Class VIII

The Month began with the students observing the value of Respect. The class teachers counselled the students to respect each other, the teachers & elders. Students showing the value were applauded to encourage the others. Quotes were put up in classes and in the Circular Block. Certificates are being awarded to deserving students for exhibiting this value by the class/ subject teachers.