Value of the Month – Discipline


For the month of December the “Value of the Month” was “Discipline. The students put up quotations on the walls, display boards of the classrooms and in the corridors.

The class teachers narrated short stories highlighting the importance of discipline in a student’s life followed by a general class discussion.

An Intra-class article writing competition was held on the topic “Essence of discipline” and the winning articles were put up on the soft board. The class teachers initiated class discussions on how to improve the discipline in the school. The children took great interest in the above activities and reached a general conclusion:

• The children should obey their teachers and the support staff at all times.
• They should not loiter around in the corridors.
• The students should also maintain discipline by not indulging in fights and mischievous behaviour.
• Surprise checks by the Class Reps have resulted in immense improvement in discipline.
• Since Punctuality is an important facet of discipline – strict action is taken against late-comers and this has resulted in students reaching school on time.
• Now the Student Council Members, the SOTM’s and the monitors also ensure discipline in the classrooms and corridors.

Discipline classes were appreciated by the teachers, and encouragement was given to all the students by giving certificates to the three most disciplined classes. The students are taking pride in being disciplined, because ‘with self-discipline, everything it possible’.