Value for the month Classes VI to VIII

September: Gandhiji’s  Values & Ideology

The theme ‘Gandhian Values’ was chosen as the value of the month for Classes VI to VIII. Class teachers and subject teachers discussed instances from Mahatma Gandhi’s life which illustrated his drive to put truth and honesty above all else. Teachers and students also discussed the power behind the concept of non-violence. They related stories from Gandhiji’s autobiography “My Experiments With Truth’. The students shared famous quotations about Gandhiji.

 Class teachers and subject teachers encouraged the students to follow the path shown by Gandhiji. Topics like Non-Violence, Truth, Faith in God, Equality, Peace, Ideal Society were discussed. The students took part in putting up their class boards with vigour and spread the patriotic fervour everywhere in the campus. The boards contained relevant quotes and information about the life of the Mahatma. The teachers emphasised about the necessity to follow Gandhiji’s principles in the recent times and explained several incidents from his life that proved his ardent belief in non- violence and Satyagraha. There are 5  principles that Mahatma Gandhi followed were discussed like

  • Truth: learning from your own mistakes and conducting experiments on yourself.
  • Nonviolence: nonviolent resistance connected in a way to religion.
  • Vegetarianism: carved in the Hindu and Jain traditions in India.
  • Simplicity: giving up unnecessary spending.
  • Faith: belief in a higher power and that all religions are real and are equal.

The students discussed all the ways in which they can adopt the ideals of Gandhiji in their day-to-day life. Students also prepared the boards displaying the value of the month. The winners were judged as follows: