Commerce and Economics students of Classes IX, X XI and XII participated in the Inter-school event ‘THE YOUTH BUSINESS LEAGUE 23’ hosted by Delhi Public School, Faridabad on Tuesday, 10th October, 2023.   

The winners of the events were as follows:

Event 1

Name of Event : Start Up Studio (Track IX-X) (Online & Offline event)
Details of the event : 
Round 1 (Online) – The event was iInspired by the popular TV show ‘Shark Tank’. The  teams had to showcase their innovative ideas through elevator pitch videos.
Round 2 (Offline) – The team competed head-to-head in a pitch battle within 7 minutes followed by a Q&A session with the judges.

Winners : 2nd Position 
  1. Anwita Chandra (X E) 
  2. Ananya Shrivastav (X E)

Event 2

Name of Event : Madison Avenue (Track IX-X)
Details of the event : 
Round 1 (Online) – The team made a logo for a company from a business sector provided to them.
Round 2 (Offline) – The team made a new logo for a real pre-existing company. 

Winners : 3rd Position

  1. Shivin Sareen (X-J)
  2. Arihant Kumar (X-J) 
  3. Zonish Siddiqui (X-M)

Event 3

Name of Event : Madison Avenue (Track XI-XII)
Details of the event : 
Round 1 (Online) – The team was required to make a video involving the team members presenting an advertisement written by them for the provided pre-existing company.
Round 2 (Offline) – The team was given on-the-spot a fictional product of a pre-existing parent company and they were required to create a complete advertising campaign during the allotted time. However, at half-time, a “twist”/unique marketing or PR angle was introduced, to which the teams had to tailor their pitches.

Winners : 1st Position 

  1. Nandini Vaish  (XI Q)
  2. Tanmay Vidhani (XI Q)
  3. Mannat Singhania (XI Q)
  4. Chirag Malhotra (XI Q)

Event 4

Name of Event : Investomaia (Track XI-XII)
Details of the event : 
Round 1 (Online) – The team through an online platform was required to answer questions related to the stock market, investing and other such financial concepts in the form of multiple-choice questions.
Round 2 (Offline) – The team was given a comprehensive case study containing multiple news articles, a list of definite stocks and financial data where they had to analyze the case study and make investment decisions.

Winners : 1st Position 

  1. Anirudh Goel (XII P)
  2. Ashmit Bansal (XII P)
  3. Kaushal Jain (XII N)