Assembly VII-B (02-09-2021)

Topic: The Protector of the Realms

God comes to this world in many forms and blesses us in different disguises. Class VII B celebrated the benevolence of Lord Ganesha who is the harbinger of good fortune, the Lord of prosperity and the patron of intellectuals. The class presentation began with a hymn recited by Akansh. Abia and Kavya were the comperes. The morning prayer was sung by Vineeta. Thoughts on Ganesha were shared by Harshul and Aditya. This was followed by a speech about Ganesh Chaturthi by Pia and Shashank. A self composed poem on Lord Ganesha was recited by Akansh. Advika narrated the story about how Lord Ganesha became worthy of the first worship. The instrumental (Guitar) presentation by Anasuya Wadhwa. The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks by Saisha Khurana. The e-invite and the power point presentation were made by Akansh, Wageesha, Lakshman, Saanvi, Milind and Shanika.

Class Teacher-Ms Surbhi Gaur
Class-VII B
Headmistress-Ms Vinita Gupta
Class Representative-  Ms. Ritu Raj
Activity Incharge –  Ms KAVERI DHAR