Earth Week was celebrated from 15th-22nd April with Online activities, to sensitize the children about the conservation of natural resources and to motivate them to do their bit and become conscious citizens who would take all possible steps to make this earth a self sustaining planet. Various Inter section competitions were conducted to commemorate the Earth Day with the topics related to Environment issues like Noise Pollution,Ozone depletion,Water Conservation,Air pollution and Save earth

These competitions  were organized by ‘Panchtatva’; The Environment Club Incharges, Ms Niva Chhonkar & Ms Dimple Menon of the Biology Deptt.

The results of the competitions are as follows:


TOPIC: “Silence Speaks Volumes”: Slogan Writing Competition on Noise Pollution

First-Vihan Wahi-VI-D 
Second Sachin Gangwar-VI-J
Third-Anushri Kabi-VI-A

Class VII
TOPIC:Carbon Footprint; Bigger Isn’t Better: Poetry Writing Competition on Ozone Depletion 
First-Aairah Sultan-VII-A
Second-Shriya Sawhney-VII-H

Class VIII
TOPIC:“Water;The Elixir Of Life” Poster Making Competition on Save Water;Save Life
First-Neelanjana Maggo-VIII-K
Second-Adrika Agarwal VIII-H
Third-Aanya Khanna-VIII-E

Class IX
TOPIC-“Sparks”- A Game Designing competition
First: Aryaman Roop Madan IX-M
Second: Arnav Rai Gupta IX-L
Third: Kanak Ahuja IX-I

Class X
TOPIC-“Everlasting Impression”-Bookmark  Designing Competition to create awareness on Air Pollution
First-RabiaWali- X-C
Second-Sarah Kashyap-X-O
Third- Saanvi Pandey-X-G

CLASS XII- SMS Writing Competition on “ Save earth”
First-Kartik Pandey- XII-O
Second- Raavi Bajaj- XII-V
Third-Kunal Kumar-XII-M