The All India IPSC Yoga Championship

The All India IPSC Yoga Championship was held at Mayo College and Mayo Girls College, Ajmer from 22-24th September 2016. The following was the result tally.

U-14 Boys
Yash Thakur – 8 K, won the Silver medal for 2nd position in Artistic Yoga

U-17, Boys
Manan Malik- 10-I, won “Best of the Best” Trophy for the 2nd consecutive year

U-17 Girls
Shreya Goel, 10 L won the 1st position in Rhythmic Yoga for the 2nd consecutive year.

Manan Malik, Yash Thakur and Shreya Goel got qualified for SGFI National Yoga Championship

Zonals Yoga Competition

U-17, Boys
Manan Malik-10 I,
1st in Artistic Yoga
3rd in Athletic Yoga

U-19, Boys
Mayand Kumar 11 K
3rd in Athletic Yoga

U-14, Girls
Sanya Sharma 8 J
2nd in Rhythmic Yoga
Yashvi Kumar 7 H
3rd in Artistic Yoga

U-17, Girls
Shreya Goel 10 I
1st in Athletic Yoga
1st in Rhythmic Yoga

Sports Day Yoga Competition

Boys U-14
1st Divyansh Baunthiyal 7-K
2nd Md Afsar Ansari 8-I
3rd Yash Thakur 8-K

Boys U-17
1st Manan Malik 10-I
2nd Aryan Goswami 10-C
3rd Aniket Sharma 9-B

Girls U-14
1st Sanya Sharma 8J
2nd Karina 7C
3rd Yashvi Kumar 7H

U-17, Girls
1st Shreya Goel 10L
2nd Sejal Sharma 9H
3rd Anushka Sharma 9E