The training session on ‘Identifying Early Psychiatry Symptoms in Children and Adolescents’ was conducted by Dr. Sameer Malhotra on 21 September 2023. Dr. Malhotra emphasized that there is no age for developing a psychiatric disorder, however, an early recognition is the key to fight it better. He explained that we all are driven by our emotions, which trigger our thought process which in turn builds our behavior. We are a result of our thoughts and emotions. Our mind works in a way to react to our own inner thoughts as well as our environment. This study of the mind is Psychiatry which gives us a clearer picture of how and what a person is feeling. Mr Malhotra shared a lot of information on the different spectra of psychiatric disorders. Some of these can be identified at home as well as school, while others require a clinical diagnosis. He also talked about certain common disorders which can be identified with a closer look.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tic Disorder, Schizophrenia and Mood disorders. At the end of the session, Dr Malhotra enlightened the teachers about the various types of substance abuse which affect a large number of adolescents. Children indulge in substance abuse majorly because of peer pressure and then the vicious cycle of buying and selling drugs starts. This might also be triggered due to childhood depression, early signs of which can be detected in the way a child might express him/her through drawings and paintings.