Teacher’s Training Programme for the Subject Teachers of Classes VI to VIII

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

The Teacher’s Training Programme for the subject teachers of Classes VI to VIII was organised by the school according to the following schedule:

Training Session I – The first training session of the series was conducted by Ms Sarika Kaushal on 14 January 2022 on the digital platform of ‘Animaker’. The tool helps to create simple, easy-to-make videos that make learning fun and engaging, especially in junior classes. The videos can be used to introduce a wide variety of topics in different subjects. The session was a hands-on demonstration of the tool wherein Ms Kaushal demonstrated the step-by-step process of making videos on Animaker using different templates and adding various features such as animated characters, music, images, etc. Animaker helps to choose and create our own virtual characters which can be customized according to our own choices along with adding voiceovers. The session was quite engaging for all the teachers and they learnt to make their own videos on the trial version of the tool which, even with its limited features, can help to make classes interactive and interesting.

Training Session II – ‘Prezi’ was conducted by Mrs. Sarika Kaushal on 15 January 2022.  She elaborated upon the edtech tool and explained the process of making a presentation. Some of its fascinating features include using classic templates; it allows zoom and preview of specific objects on the slide; inserting Youtube videos/ GIF/ image/ text/ objects; functions like alignment, bold and decreasing the font size; using wonderful backgrounds; double click to change the title; it allows watermark and import of your ppt slide and so on. Some of the images available on the dashboard can be used to enhance the presentation. The tool is accessible after creating an account in Prezi. Though the free trial mode limits the access yet it suffices the need to enliven the online classroom environment with the help of vibrant presentations.

Training Session III – ‘Adobe Photoshop’ was conducted by Mr. Amit Rajput and Mr. Shiven Tanwar on 18 January 2022. The session focussed on editing a photograph and the Almanac’s page was chosen for the purpose. The trainers exhibited the application of multiple features such as smudge tool, blur, burn, clone tool, magic wand etc.  They presented the usage of functions like Control D, Control Z to revert an action and rotate tool. They emphasized on practising tool work and layering to equip oneself with the skill of editing a document or image.

Training Session IV – The training session on audio and video software was conducted by Mr  Sothingam Shaiza on 19 February 2022 through the demonstration of software such as Logic Pro (for Apple users), FL Studio (for Windows users) and Filmora. These softwares are extremely useful for compiling audios and videos for assemblies, class presentations and other school-related activities. Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation for the macOS platform that can create and arrange music in real-time and convert them into MP3.Wav formats. Through the demonstration of the software, teachers learnt how to use some basic functions such as importing files, editing, cutting, joining, adjusting the volume, exporting and recording. 

The second software was Filmora – video maker, which is a line of video creation and editing applications developed by Wondershare. Mr Shazia illustrated how different types of videos can be made through this application by using a variety of functions such as merging audios and adding another audio track to the existing one by using the cutting tool, the smooth merging of music using the fading tool, automating the loudness and softness of music by using the automation tool, adding voice-overs to the audio, fading in and fading out of audio tracks, transitions and effects, using the greenscreen and exporting videos. The session was a great learning experience for all the teachers.   

Training Session V – The training session on ‘Creating Quizzes’ was conducted by Ms Divya Thakur on 20 January 2022. Quizzes have become an invaluable part of the online teaching-learning process and Ms Thakur introduced some unique and interesting platforms such as Edpuzzle, Quizzes and Kahoot that are fun and engaging ways to make learning dynamic and participative in the online classrooms. Edpuzzle is an educational tool that helps to make videos more interactive by using simple editing tools. Since videos are a powerful resource in online teaching-learning activities that are used by students, Edpuzzle helps to add questions/comments on videos that not only engage the learners but also make the learning process more interactive and enjoyable. The session also constituted the hands-on demonstration of the process of creating quizzes on quizzing platforms such as Quizzes and Kahoot which not only capture the interest of the learners but can also be used as assessment tools while simultaneously making learning lively and enjoyable.  

Training Session VI – ‘Google Earth, Bhuvan – Digital Map Making’ was conducted by Ms Vinita Gupta on 25 January 2022. The tool is quite intriguing as it allows users to pin a location and share its details. The images of the location can also be shared with students. It has in-house quizzes and games. It allows users to know things like the COVID situation around the world.  It throws light on important factors affecting our planet Earth. Bhuvan was created by ISRO. It has many versatile features such as visualization of satellite images and maps and analysis. It was an informative session and provided an innovative perspective to be incorporated into the teaching-learning process.

All the sessions were concluded by the vote of thanks, which were delivered by Ms Vinita Gupta, the Supervisor of Classes VI-VIII. She thanked the resource people for sharing their knowledge via these sessions that would enable the continued growth and learning of all the teachers. She also thanked the Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan, for introducing the idea of teachers’ training programmes and her invaluable support and guidance in organising these sessions. These training sessions were a grand success that introduced the teachers to multifarious digital platforms and software which will help them to make the teaching-learning processes more enjoyable and engaging for the students as well as themselves.