Week 1

Delhi Public School R.K.Puram organised various summer  activities to  stimulate and challenge the students, who had to  adorn their thinking caps to complete these activities.The prime objective being providing an opportunity to the participants to creatively express themselves.

Grade 6 had Acrostic Poetry Writing and Recitation. The theme was ‘Mother’s Day’, students composed a small acrostic poem and recited it with appropriate intonation, voice modulation and expressions.

‘Caption-gram’ was the activity taken up in grade 7. The students were asked to write captions of any 4 pictures presented in the class.Grade  VIII students were asked to participate in Point of View. The students were shown a visual cue in the form of an advertisement. They were asked to watch it carefully and understand its context, following which the forum was open for sharing their individual views related to the topic and the video.

Class 9 had Picture Perfect-Writing a paragraph based on a picture and the emotional value underlying the image using cues given with it followed by an articulate narration of the write -up. 

Class 10 took up ‘Ekphrasis’ – Writing a poem based on a work of visual art.The students of Class 12 had a  Role Play.  Various characters from their text, ‘Lost Spring’ were given to them and choosing any 2 characters, they had to make a dialogue and present it in the class.

The activities are aimed to develop creativity,enhance knowledge and improve expression  and besides boosting their confidence.