Students of Classes VI To VIII Visit Gandhi Smriti

A short visit to Gandhi Smriti was organised for the students of classes VI-VIII. The students got an opportunity to have a glimpse of Gandhiji’s life. The models portrayed various incidents that took place in his life and that also made the students curious to know more about his personal and political life.  The students also visited the Multimedia hall where they got an opportunity to know about the ideologies of the Mahatma. They saw Gandhi ji’s last steps and the site where he fell to the assassin’s bullets. Later, they were taken around by guides to the multimedia museum, to see the exhibition depicting various stages of his life, starting from his early life in Porbundar, student life in England, as a lawyer in South Africa and the movements led by him in India. The museum illustrated the Gandhian ideology of truth, non- violence and that we are all stronger when we are together. The peace and tranquillity of the place touched us all had a serene impact on the students.