The Accountancy Club has been instrumental in encouraging and motivating students to understand the practical aspects of accounting. The various inter-section competitions held every month give students an insight into business operations broadening their analytical and reasoning abilities. Many guest speakers and subject related experts are invited to further deepen the knowledge of students. The club has successfully in the past decade instilled in students the qualities of leadership, team work and accountability. The Annual Accountancy Magazine ‘Finzine’ consists of articles related to accounting and finance and more recently Demonetisation and GST.

The Aerospace Society (Aeross) of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram was founded under the guidance of Mr. Anil K. Verma in 2009, with the aim of creating a space research-based environment in the school. Since its inception, the society has participated in and won a number of International space-related competitions. It has consistently provided a platform for students to indulge in higher physics, technology and even architecture. The society consists of about 50 members ranging from Classes 8 to 12.

DPS Amnesty Club emphasizes the importance of Human rights. It aims to build a better understanding of Human rights among students and provide a forum for young minds to discuss and deliberate on such topics with respect to present situation around the globe. It also helps to gain a broader perspective of the world around us thereby helping the students to grow as individuals and bring about a positive change in the world.
The Art Club is an interactive and innovative platform that brings out the full potential of the creative young minds. It not only helps explore the exceptional talent of the students, but also instils in them new perspectives towards different modes and forms of Art. The club helps in  decoration & design related  tasks for various school events with the guidance and support of the Art Teachers. This builds upon a spirit of team work, originality & novelty.

The Astronomy Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram was founded around 16 years ago with the help of an external organization-‘SPACE’. It is known to be the largest provider of astronomical prospectus to school students. The Club was initiated as an endeavour to both educate as well as fascinate young minds by teaching them about various things of astronomical importance, such as the working of a telescope and the basic principles of rocket science, etc. to the future scientists of our nation. The students of our school, as members of this club, have brought great pride to the school. Our students were one of the first high school students in the country to conduct an ‘Asteroid Hunt’ wherein they used software developed by SPACE to look for planetary objects that resembled the movements of asteroids by searching through consecutive images of the night sky taken immediately and effectively from high resolution telescopes and subsequently sending the received data to NASA for validation.

The Club now plans to organize an Astronomy camp for senior students where there education in this field will be taken to the next level. Very soon, the school may have its own planetarium. The Club also plans to organize an observatory for the extremely rare, Venus Transit and the Total Solar Eclipse.

The AutoClub, under the guidance of our incharge Mr.Anil Verma aspires to instill creativity, innovation, problem solving aptitude, team spirit, competitiveness and a love for automobiles in all its members.Founded by Eashan Trehan,Rohan Walia and Prathmesh Pathwar, the club is open to all those students (VI-XII) who are interested in automobiles and their working.

Biology club was started with an aim to popularise the subject among students and to make them aware of the importance of the subject. It is a platform to unite students from various backgrounds who have a common interest in Biology. The club organises various Inter -section, Inter – class activities and lectures. The club helps students  get enthusiastic about new fields of Biology like Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and many more.


Biotechnology is rapidly advancing and is all set to be the key technological game changer of the 21st century. A remarkable amount of solutions used in genetics, immunology, chemical engineering and agriculture would not exist if biotechnology had not made its huge contribution over the last few decades.

Biotech Club aims to create awareness amongst students so that they can contribute to the biotech scene in India and abroad and help realize its true potential in transforming India, especially in key areas such as agriculture, environment, healthcare, food, energy and waste management.

 Biotech Club Members are responsible for conducting hands-on workshops, Lecture series, Entrepreneurship drives, Quizzes and interact with eminent industry leaders.

The Club aims to create awareness amongst the Class IX and X students about biotechnology, provide information about recent advances and career opportunities in the field of Biotechnology.

The Club Incharges are Ms KajalSethi& Ms NivaChhonkar

Business Studies society or the ‘BIZ SOC’ is not just a club, It is a family where we do what we love and love what we do. We create our own skies, set our limits and then exceed them. We believe in the existence of hidden truths and try to solve all problems collectively. The essence of our existence is the bond we share which is very rich with the colours of life; quite vivid and iridescent. Our family welcomes all challenges and faces them without fear in eyes and with confidence in heart. Our teachers, our mentors, encourage and support us at every step. In this club, we see all events as an opportunity for adaptation to life by learning to work as a team, be more tolerant and respect others point of view. The club helps us to think out of the box. Various Club activities are organized giving an opportunity to the students to realise and display their latent talents.
CATALYST, the Chemistry Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram is an initiative to promote Chemistry through various inter-school and intra-school competitions and activities. The motto of the club is “Liber Vitae”, Latin for “Chemistry for Life” (and co-incidentally, “Free Life”). Mentored by the Chemistry Department of the school, the club has grown a lot over the years since its inception in 2013.The club takes out an annual magazine ‘Catalyst’, which consists of articles on latest Researches, Importance of Chemistry in everyday life, and highlights the underlying fun in Chemistry. Apart from conducting various intra-school activities, like Just a minute, Turncoat, Intersection Model Making Competition ,Debates, Declamations ,Crosswords, Collage Making ,Intersection Quiz etc to promote the subject, the club also hosts an Annual Inter-School Symposium ‘Spark’, featuring many events like Ads Act, Model Designing, Quiz, Crossword, Painting, Group Discussion, etc. with participation from over 50 schools. 
The culinary club at Delhi Public School, R.K Puram was started in order to provide a platform for students with a passion for culinary skills to showcase their expertise. The students take part in various school and Interschool competitions. They together with the other students of the school look forward to the annual ‘Bake Sale’. The Culinary Club students get a chance to try out their skills in baking and the others get to eat the tasty treats. Besides the club does not hesitate to lend a helping hand for the needy. In the past the Club contributed relief items for the Uttaranchal flood victims. A vociferous collection drive was started and the items were air lifted courtesy Indian Airlines to the office of the DIG Uttaranchal to be appropriately distributed. The Club members also sometimes love to contribute cakes, pastries personally baked by the students with skill and passion for the school’s Chief Guests for various occasions.
The Dance Society coordinates all the cultural activities in the school. The Society is divided into two integral parts: The Western Dance Society and The Indian Dance Society. There’s a dance in every event (be it big or small) that brings the magic on stage. This society is where the magic is created. The Dance Society is the centre of ‘The Performing Art Society’ of the school. It organises, handles and coordinates apart from performing in most,  if not all of the school functions . Along with school performances, The Dance Society also actively participates in prestigious competitions. This year due to the dedication and hard-work of the teachers and students, The Dance Society has won all competitions and received special recognition.
“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” The English Debating Society of Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram, also known as the DebSoc, was founded with the objective of honing the skills of rational and logical discussion in students and orienting them to the different formats of debating. Under the guidance of Ms. Jonaki Sarma of the English Department, the DebSoc brings many laurels to the school every year, and takes charge of organising inter school competitions like the Annual Dhruv Rajgarhia Memorial Debate. Activities like mock Parliamentary Debates are also organised for members, who are inducted into the Society in the 11th grade through the process of auditions.
DIGEX, an acronym for “Digital Excellence” is the photography and film-making club of Delhi Public School, RK Puram. The digex clan which was founded in 2009 is a platform for students to showcase their talent with cameras and lenses. The clan has around 50 members from classes VI to XII.

What actually is a disaster? A disaster is a serious natural or human  disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving wide spread human,material,economic or environmental loss and impact occurring over a relatively short time. In today’s world disaster management is not only limited to natural disasters but also human made disasters like sudden terror attack.  To be prepared and to manage disasters in the future – a club like ‘Disaster Management’ is very important in any School or Institution. Our school is mainly prone to Earthquake, Fire and Terrorattacks .So, a few things that Disaster Management club will undertake are:-

1) Create awareness among students to walk in a disciplined and proper way and follow the colour coded designated path to the assembly ground.
2) Workshop / Guest Speaker programmes on Disaster Management
3)  Generate awareness to reduce energy wastage
4) Collage/ Poster making competitionS for classes 6th and 7th on recent natural disasters.
6) Debate on relevant topics.
7) Essay writing on Human Disasters and its effects.
8) Any glitches found by the students or teachers that may cause an accident can be reported to the Club which the Club would carry forward to the school authorities.  


DomainSquare+ is the gaming society of Delhi Public School R. K. Puram and the spiritual successor of DomainSquare. It was started on 20 August 2015 by five students with Mr. Mukesh Kumar (Head of Department, Computer Sciences; Supervisor, Delhi Public School R. K. Puram) and Mr. Mohitendra Dey (Faculty, Computer Sc. Dept.) as their mentors. The Club goes hand-in-hand with the extremely accomplished Exun clan of D.P.S. R.K. Puram and along with them, aims to achieve new heights. It revolves around gaming and aims to elevate gaming to the ranks of other art forms. The society is divided into two divisions namely, the Competitive division and the Review division. The Competitive division is led by a group of competent gamers who aim to improve gaming as a whole by competing on an institutional level, beating high scores and making new records by making themselves visible on various leaderboards across the globe. The Review division, led by game-lovers revolves around knowledge of gaming and creativity in gaming. The various activities of the Review division include published reviews written by a committee of critics, news posts on the official blog and game writing where the creative minds write their own games and along with the brilliant minds of the Exun clan, bring them to life.

The Economics Club endeavours to give students ample choices to hone their ‘Economic’ acumen. By providing them the opportunity to participate in a plethora of inter-school and inter-section activities, it links life to the outside world. The annual publication-Econox-provides students a platform to give expression to their creative and out-of-the-box thinking.
The English Editorial Board of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, under the mentorship of the School Principal, is responsible for the Annual School Magazine DIPS DIARY. The club is guided by  Ms. Sonali Dash and Ms. Abha Chona from the department of English.
Founded in 2008, ‘Expressions’, the Theatre Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram has cemented its position as one of the premier societies in the school theatre circuit. The club has consistently won major Inter-school competitions, including the National Level IPSC Drama Festival, the Movie-making competition organized by the Australian High Commission and has brought numerous accolades to the school. Additionally, Expressions remains one of the most active clubs, regularly participating and performing in numerous school events such as the Prem Kirpal Memorial, DIGEX, ComAstitva, Panchtatva et al. The club has been growing at an exponential rate since the past few years and has a team of 70+ members comprising of students from grades 10th, 11th and 12th. The club organizes the Annual Inter-School Theatre festival, ‘Theatron’, which is one of the most sought after competitions in Delhi-NCR. The motto of the club is, “Respect the stage and the stage will respect you”
Exun Clan is the Technology club of our school, and is the premier Technology club in the nation. It was founded in 1992 by Mr. Mukesh Kumar and an enthusiastic and talented small group of students. It has today ballooned into an enthusiastic group of over 50 students with skills in diverse fields such as Development, Design, Programming, Quizzing and Debating.  Exun stands for Experts Unlimited, which perfectly describes our members. Over the past year, Exun has bagged 16 Overall and 2 Runner’s Up trophies, with over 200 individual trophies, unparalleled among Computer clubs in Delhi. Our motto is “We, not I” and each member truly takes this to the heart as, for the members, the club is much more just a club, it is a supportive family.

ENSHIP is the Entrepreneurship Club at Delhi Public School, R. K Puram, founded by Ananya Kapoor and Anu Khandelwal under the guidance of Ms. Anjana Virmani.

ENSHIP’s aim is to provide budding student entrepreneurs with a platform where they can learn more about entrepreneurship, interact with real life entrepreneurs, get the right mentorship and support for their idea and finally be able to execute it, potentially changing the course of their journey.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

Environment club is the heart of school’s sustainability activities and thus helps to achieve meaningful change in the society. The Club inspires, motivates and gives students opportunities to build leadership skills. The club gives students the platform they need to take action on the environmental issues they feel passionate about.

The Club is dedicated to environmental  awareness activities related to protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration of Natural resources. It campaigns for the improvement of the environment through activities such as planting trees, publishing ‘Terravision’ magazine, organising ‘Panchtatva’-Interschool Environment festival.Emphasis is on educating peers about harmful effects of Polybags, Holi colours and Firecrackers. Techniques of Waste management and specially E-waste is also highlighted.

The Club Incharges are Ms Dimple Menon & Ms NivaChhonkar

The French Club was started around  5 years back to encourage  students to pursue their passion for the French language and to take the learning of the language beyond the classroom. The Club organizes activities for students thus enabling them to showcase their talents. For example, the Club members gave a presentation on the French Revolution and its importance on 14 July 2017 – The French National Day. The club also brings out its yearly publication –  the school’s French magazine:  “Le Crayon d’Or” which features a wide range of articles and poems in French thus giving students an opportunity to express themselves in a language other than their own.

Young people see a problem and are instantly motivated to act. With the given environmental degradation and pollution, it’s the need of the hour for our children to be aware about these harmful impacts to our nature, and how to mitigate these for preserving our environment. Keeping in mind the contemporary issues around our habitats, Delhi Public School R.K. Puram started the Geography Club named Panchatatva to provide students a platform to take action around the environmental issues they are passionate about.
Channelizing student’s energy and enthusiasm into a club will allow them to take a leadership role in this respect, later in their life too– in personal life as parents, homemakers and in their professional life as teachers, doctors, engineers, policy makers and entrepreneurs.

Students of the Club have undertaken various activities such as Poster making and Slogan writing competition, Intersection soft-board making competition, Quizzing, Debates Nukkad natak, Photography, Field trips, E -advertisements, organizing workshops on “Environment and Origami”, Tableaux,  several initiatives under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, sensitization for a “Cracker Free Diwali”, and an Intersection “Create Best out of Waste” competition and many more added each year to make active bright future for the upcoming youth of our society. These are some small efforts of the Geography Club “PANCHATATVA”


The Health & I Club was founded by Ms. Jyoti Sharma and a group of students in 2011 .The club focuses on generating awareness about various lifestyle diseases, their detection and prevention. The goal of the club is to promote healthy lifestyles via health education and campaigns.

Diversified health promoting activities planned by the club are:

  1. Basic health screening from time to time, imparting information about various diseases prevailing in a particular duration of the year and various preventive steps.
  2. Conducting FIRST AID classes to impart basic information and application of FIRST AID.
  3. Celebration of different health  days.
  4. Conducting various workshops and awareness talks.
  5. Various competitions like poster making, quiz, powerpoint presentations, just a minute, street plays etc.


The history society aims to:
1. Arouse interests in studying history through organizing visits, exhibitions and various activities.
2. Corroborates curriculum with extra curricular activities and  allow for a greater number of students to become acquainted with, enthused and enlightened by history through enjoyable methods.
3. It seeks to promote historical awareness, social welfare and intellectual growth.
4. Trains committee members to organise activities for students-a part of leadership training programme.
5. Promotes students awareness of national identity and appreciate different culture and races of the world.


Expressing ones thoughts through Creative Writing is nurtured by the various activities of the Literary Club at Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram. In addition to that ,one of the important activities of the Club is the Talent Hunt organised every year for selecting students from classes 6-12 for the Katha Writers Workshop. The Literary Club of DPS,R.KPuram has been part of the Regional and National Level Writers Workshop since 2013 from the very year when Katha(an NGO) in collaboration with the CBSE had started this all India Workshop for young writers at school level.
Dr.Prem Kirpal Memorial Art and Poetry Competition is an annual English Language Festival in which the Literary Club members play an active role by supporting the Teacher Incharges in organisation and logistics. 


The Law Firm strives to help students build a framework for life that is ethical, service-oriented, appreciative of diversity and committed to continuing education. It also  helps students develop their abilities to communicate, both orally and in writing, to think critically and creatively, and to access, analyse, synthesize, and evaluate information.

The learning objectives of the firm are :

  • To learn the law and legal principles in a variety of subject areas as well as understand legal procedures and practices.
  • To recognize and apply the ethical rules and standards of conduct involved in the practice of law and to be observed by paralegals.

For this the Club will be organising Inter school moot court competition in January 2018. The Club has also conducted group discussions on current legal issues, quizzes and debates on recent Supreme court and High court judgements.

The Club has provided students a platform to help develop their abilities of critical evaluation and creative thinking by organising various events for different classes:

1.JUS DICERE , a Social science quiz was conducted for Class 10 . 
2.Debate competitions were conducted for Class 9 . 
3. A written Quiz and Group discussions were organised for Class 11 .
4. Inductions for Class 11 students were successfully conducted , so as to give budding minds an opportunity to be a part of the Firm . 

The Club has also worked on the Annual Legal Magazine , with the collective efforts of its members and teachers.


The Mathematics Laboratory and Technology Centre  of Delhi Public School, R.K Puram was established in 1994 as part of a project to enhance and enrich school Mathematics. The Mathematics Laboratory aims at enabling mathematical learning in a stress free atmosphere through visualization and exploration of concepts aided by latest technology.It provides an opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of Mathematics as a discipline. It is activity centred and students are placed in problem solving situation through self-exploration and discovery.The centre is trying to create the best innovative environment which fosters excellence and vision in teaching, learning, and discovering the relationships of mathematics, technology, and society.In a world that is increasingly shaped by technology, mathematics plays a pivotal role. Keeping in view the fact that mathematics education forms the foundation of education in our society, the vision for the Mathematical Laboratory and Technology is of paramount importance.
The activities of the laboratory and Mathematical society maybe broadly classified as follows:

  • Hands-on-activities which enable the students to verify or discover several geometrical properties and facts.
  • Exercises in non routine problems suited to the maturity level of the students on all topics for all grades.
  • Mathematical experiments for the purpose of discovering mathematical principles, patterns or process.
  • Projects, which focus on applications of mathematics to real life, thus relating school mathematics to situations outside the classroom.
  • Mathematical modelling activities using technology at the middle school and senior secondary level.
  • Visualization and exploration of mathematical concepts leading to learning by discovery.

Comprises of three Sub Departments i.e. Indian Music, Indian Dance & Western Music.
We have an excellent, well-qualified, truly professional and committed faculty headed by the two coordinators 1) Ms Aditi Sarkar 2) Mr. Dominic Paul for Indian & Western Music respectively.
The Faculty: –

Mr. Daniel Freddy Dance Teacher – Folk and Fusion
Ms Renu Bassi Dance Teacher  – Classical Katthak
Mr. Hameed Khan Indian Vocal Teacher
Ms Aditi Sarkar Indian Vocal Teacher
Mr. Kuldeep Mushra Indian Percussion teacher
Mr. Salim Kumar Indian String Instrumental Teacher
Mr. Dominic Paul Western Instrumental Teacher
Mr. Sothingam Shaiza Western Vocal Teacher

The Department has three separate entry and exit points for Indian Music, Western Music and Dance. This is one place in school where the activities never stop. From Morning assemblies to stay backs for various Inter- school and Intra- school practices. This place is full of life and students work with full involvement along with the teachers of the department. This place is more of a home to most of the students coming to the music basement -their attachment to the music basement is parallel to none other. We have approximately 1400 students learning music and dance in regular S.U.P.W periods.
The Music department organizes the following activities with the help of Cultural Committee that comprises of Western Music Club members and Cultural Club Members.

  • Inter- Section Talent show – An Inter- Section competition.
  • Voices – Inter- School Indian & Western Music Competition
  • Sway – Indian and Western Music Dance Competition
  • Dynamics – Interschool Band Competition
  • Workshops for various Class Choirs and Bands
  • Stay backs for Band, Choir, and Dancers from time to time for further development of skills.
  • Summer Workshop for the students of school.
  • Remedial classes for students
  • Social Work activities such as Can Kids and COMMOTION.
  • Inter- School competitions for Indian, Western Music and Dance.
  • DPS Society Programs and Competitions.

The Physics Society, known as PhySoc was founded in 2012 by some enthusiastic physics students to fulfill there interest in physics and to light the spark of physics in other students. The physics society aims to keep students involved in educational activities, and to accomplish this aim, various quizzes and other activities are organized time to time by PhySoc.


Pre-Pharmacy Club is one of the active Clubs of Chemistry Department which was started in 2010 with the aim of creating awareness among students about the Pharmacy Profession and to make students aware about the Pharmacy and related aspects. The Club annually organises many Inter-section competitions like Quizzes, Debates, Poster making competitions, Power point competitions etc. It also organises annual International Inter-School event “SPARK”.  “PHARMISTRY” is the annual magazine of the Club in which articles of the students related to latest scientific developments in the field of Pharmacy and Chemistry are published. The Club provides good platform to all the budding talents to show case their potential. In this era of cut throat competition, these opportunities give these students edge over the others. The Club in-charge is Mr. Parminder Chopra, under whose leadership the club organises its activities.


The Psychology Club at Delhi Public School, RK Puram, was founded in order to orient students to the nature of psychology and expose them to the varied applications of the subject.
The Psychology Club under the guidance of Head of Department, Mrs Vithika Rahul and selected student members, has been actively involved in various pursuits in order to bring psychology to the masses.

This year the Psychology Department also celebrated World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2017 to spread awareness and education of mental health and disorders through an exhibition. WMHD was an initiative started by the World Federation for Mental Health to create worldwide awareness of mental health issues.

Mosaic 2017: Patterns of Life, the annual Psych-Socio Fest, was organized jointly by the school’s Psychology and Sociology Departments on 9 December 2017. With participation from 21 schools, the festival provided a platform for students to showcase their opinions regarding psychological and sociological issues and stigmas through their creative talents.

Various Inter section activities like Collage making competition, Slogan writing competition, Analysis of videos from a psychological perspective, Extempore competitions, Just a Minute competitions were also conducted throughout the year to garner the interest of students towards the subject. Along with these competitions, the department has also organized various workshops and career counseling sessions for students, parents and teachers.

The annual magazine Psyche Express provides a platform where the students express their ideas, emotions and concerns regarding various topics of their interest.


The Quizzing Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram came into existence in 1983, the first Club to come up in the school. Thirty-four years later, it is still one of the most prestigious Club of the school. From winning the very first Columban Open Quiz in 1987 to winning the Columban Open in 2015, the club has had an amazingly great journey. DPS R.K. Puram’s Quizzing Club is still a force to reckon with at quizzes not only at the City level, but at the National level as well.


Robotics is one of the most sought after SUPW activities in DPS R K Puram. “RoboKnights” is the club of bright students in robotics activity. Members are selected from the students, who have opted for this activity based on their performance in the class, intra-school and interschool competitions.


Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, under the banner of the Social Service League, conducts activities to sensitize the young learners to the needs of the under-privileged. In addition to its own activities, the Club encompasses the activities of the Interact, the school wing of the Rotary Club. The Club members truly live the school’s motto of ‘Service before Self’. The aims and objectives of the Club are as below:

1.  To recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
2.  To raise funds/donations in kind for the under-privileged.
3.  Creating awareness and thereby sensitizing the youth to the needs of the under-privileged.

The classroom activities aim at developing an understanding of the problems of the under-privileged through various activities like slogan writing, poster making, group discussions, presentations, JAM sessions etc. A wide spectrum of topics are covered like Inclusive education, empowering the girl child, serving the under privileged, air and noise pollution, women’s empowerment etc. Activities of the DoE and CBSE are also implemented. Various competitions are conducted in order to generate and sustain interest in the students. Inter-section competitions are conducted by Class XI students who have been inducted into the Club thereby promoting leadership development and organizational abilities. Leadership development is also encouraged through various leadership games, dumb charades, situation enacting, dialogue delivery, across the table discussions etc. in the classroom.

Donation Drives are organised by the core members of the Club. Stationery, books, medicines and First Aid supplies, hygiene kits, nutritious snacks and savouries for the under privileged and other similar drives are organised. The Club members actively contribute towards making the festivals and celebrations lively and happy for the under privileged by making Friendship Day cards, Rakhis during the festival of Rakshabandhan, decorating diyas and distributing it during Diwali etc. The donations and collections are distributed to voluntary organisations and the children at various SDMC schools adopted by the Club for its extension activities.

Field trips are made to an Old Age Home where the students interact with the elderly and get sensitised to their plight. By spending a few hours with them, the students spread cheer amongst them. By sharing snacks with them they strengthen their bond with the elderly and vow to take good care of their grandparents. Visits to other organisations working in the field are also organised.

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, in close association with the Delhi Government, has initiated the ‘Share and Care’ programme in seven SDMC Co-Ed Primary Schools in Delhi.  Around 100 students of Classes IX, X and XI have taken the initiative to teach basic spoken English and Mathematics for an hour to the students of the SDMC schools every working Saturday. Additionally, poems, stories, issues related to health, hygiene and nutrition are also taught through meaningful discussions. Environmental concerns like pollution, cleanliness and sanitation are also dealt with. The interaction is enriching to students of both schools. While on the one hand sensitivity to the needs of the under-privileged is aroused in the students of DPS RK Puram, the SDMC Primary School children are becoming aware of their surroundings and developing an understanding of how to improve their lot.

For the active interest taken by the members of the Social Service Club and the multitude of activities undertaken with keenness, the Club has drawn accolades from various quarters.


‘Samvaad- Hindi Club is responsible for keeping the young writers and poets alive within the academically oriented students of today’s times. The club performs the dual role of promoting Hindi and providing a conducive environment for the literati to express themselves. It organises various competitions which include but are not limited to Poetry recitation, Poetry writing, Story writing, Storytelling, Skits etc. The club has prepared many students for competitions at various levels, ranging from Inter-school level to Zonal level and to National levels who have brought laurels to the school.

Apart from managing the Hindi section of the school magazine, the Club also compiles an annual Hindi magazine to provide a platform to budding writers and poets to polish their art because the club believes that the more one interacts with a language, the more one gets to learn, enjoy and master it.



TEDxYouth@DPSRKPuram is a club which was started in 2014 under the guidance of Mrs. Sangeeta Rana. It involves various dedicated students from different streams who are inclined towards finding, nurturing and spreading unique ideas and perspectives to the world. TEDxYouth@DPSRKPuram holds a TEDx event annually in the school campus where students from all over Delhi-NCR come and share their ideas on a diverse set of issues.


The Youth Parliament Club of DPS R. K. Puram is a club that provides students a platform to enhance and enrich a sense of Parliamentary debating style. The purpose of the club is to train the students in the same.

The already trained and experienced members of the group introduce the entire concept of having the Youth Parliament sessions for school children through various orientation sessions. They also explain the scope and importance of this programme in building the capacities and abilities of the students through various debates and discussions in a Parliamentary format.

The Youth Parliament programme helps the students to get trained in leadership skills. Keeping this in mind, auditions for the same are held and portfolios and constituencies are given to the students who are interested in the Club activity.