Social Service League

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, under the banner of the Social Service League, conducts activities to sensitize the young learners to the needs of the under-privileged. In addition to its own activities, the Club encompasses the activities of the Interact, the school wing of the Rotary Club. The Club members truly live the school’s motto of ‘Service before Self’. The aims and objectives of the Club are as below:

  1. To recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
  2. To raise funds/donations in kind for the under-privileged.
  3. Creating awareness and thereby sensitizing the youth to the needs of the under-privileged.

The classroom activities aim at developing an understanding of the problems of the under-privileged through various activities like slogan writing, poster making, group discussions, presentations, JAM sessions etc. A wide spectrum of topics are covered like Inclusive education, empowering the girl child, serving the under privileged, air and noise pollution, women’s empowerment etc. Activities of the DoE and CBSE are also implemented. Various competitions are conducted in order to generate and sustain interest in the students. Inter-section competitions are conducted by Class XI students who have been inducted into the Club thereby promoting leadership development and organizational abilities. Leadership development is also encouraged through various leadership games, dumb charades, situation enacting, dialogue delivery, across the table discussions etc. in the classroom.

Donation Drives are organised by the core members of the Club. Stationery, books, medicines and First Aid supplies, hygiene kits, nutritious snacks and savouries for the under privileged and other similar drives are organised. The Club members actively contribute towards making the festivals and celebrations lively and happy for the under privileged by making Friendship Day cards, Rakhis during the festival of Rakshabandhan, decorating diyas and distributing it during Diwali etc. The donations and collections are distributed to voluntary organisations and the children at various SDMC schools adopted by the Club for its extension activities.

Field trips are made to an Old Age Home where the students interact with the elderly and get sensitised to their plight. By spending a few hours with them, the students spread cheer amongst them. By sharing snacks with them they strengthen their bond with the elderly and vow to take good care of their grandparents. Visits to other organisations working in the field are also organised.

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, in close association with the Delhi Government, has initiated the ‘Share and Care’ programme in seven SDMC Co-Ed Primary Schools in Delhi.  Around 100 students of Classes IX, X and XI have taken the initiative to teach basic spoken English and Mathematics for an hour to the students of the SDMC schools every working Saturday. Additionally, poems, stories, issues related to health, hygiene and nutrition are also taught through meaningful discussions. Environmental concerns like pollution, cleanliness and sanitation are also dealt with. The interaction is enriching to students of both schools. While on the one hand sensitivity to the needs of the under-privileged is aroused in the students of DPS RK Puram, the SDMC Primary School children are becoming aware of their surroundings and developing an understanding of how to improve their lot.

For the active interest taken by the members of the Social Service Club and the multitude of activities undertaken with keenness, the Club has drawn accolades from various quarters.