The Covid pandemic has locked us in our homes for more than a year now. With the second wave, the situation has worsened and many people are not able to access services such as ambulances and beds, there is shortage of oxygen cylinders and concentrators, we have lost our loved ones and we find ourselves feeling helpless because of the lack of information and awareness we have about such topics.

Ms. Preeti Pratihari(Teacher in-charge of the Social Service League) and Ms. Aastha Kochar briefed the students of the Social Service League about Plasma Donation Drive on 3 May 2021..

The session started with understanding what plasma exactly is, followed by why plasma should be donated and how it can help people who are covid positive.

In the end we discussed who all can donate plasma and how we can help staying in our homes spreading awareness, encouraging people to donate plasma and helping people in need.


With the second wave of the pandemic, a lot of us feel overwhelmed and anxious. Hearing negative news every single day has left us feeling helpless and sad. In view of the same, the Social Service League organized a fun, comedic competition for the students of class XII who had opted for Social Service as their first preference in summer activities on 10 May 2021 . 

Ms. Preeti Pratihari, the incharge of the SSL, along with four students: Devina Singh, Alma Ali, Tishan Chaudhary and Simran Joshi, conducted “Laugh-a-thon”, which was a competition to lighten the mood amidst these unprecedented times. Students were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a short, comedic act along with a moral. During the competition, one of the group members was asked to present their screen and show the video. We were honored to have Ms. Kaveri Dhar and Mr. Amit Rajput as our esteemed judges for this event. Through this competition, we sought to spread positivity and laughter. We look forward to conducting many more events in the near future. 

The results of the competition were: 

1st– Group 9:  Aarushi Gupta, Krishna Raj Mangalam, Manya Garg, Krish Gupta and Sanchi Bansal 

Best actor-  Krishna Raj Mangalam 

2nd– Group 8: Khwaish Agarwal, Preksha Jain, Sanaa Sharda and Apoorva Sehgal 

Best actor- Apoorva Sehgal 

3rd – Group 2: Rajita Gupta, Mudit Khandelwal, Dimple and Bharat Bhargava 

Best actor – Mudit Khandelwal 

4th – Group 7: Parthivi Guglani and Quilian Talukdar 

Best Actor- Parthivi Guglani