Service League of Delhi Public School RK Puram organised a guest speaker programme for the students of the social service league on 4 May 2021. The speaker for the session was Mr Rachit Mathur,Founder of and an alumnus of DPS,RKPuram.With every crisis, comes an opportunity. When the second wave of covid pandemic came out of nowhere, people found themselves unready and desperate for resources like ambulances,oxygen cylinders and hospital beds, everyone came together to help people get the resources they need. One such initiative, We Will Win, was started by Mr. Rachit Mathur, alumni of DPS RK Puram which provides verified data about various resources such as Home ICU, Isolation Facilities,oxygen cylinders,etc. He was invited to explain to the students about how important this issue is and how the students of the Social Service League of our school can also collaborate with this organization to work towards this noble cause.

Ms. Preeti Pratihari(Teacher in-charge of the Social Service League) and Ms. Aastha Kochar selected 14 students from the Social Service League, who will collaborate with Mr. Rachit and his colleagues and help contribute to this non profit organisation by handling the Social Media profiles and verifying data themselves about resources all over India.