Show Case Class VI

A Showcase was organized for the students of Class VI during the months of January and February 2019. The purpose of the event was to provide a platform to the students to display all that they had learned during their Work Experience and Art Education classes throughout the academic session 2018-19.


The purpose behind Art Education activities is to bring out the talent and creativity of the students. The students of Class VI Sections A to K, were given a chance to display their talent during the Art Education Showcase, which was held on 28 January 2019.

The Indian Vocal students began the show with a prayer song.  The Western Instrumental students showcased their talent through a spellbinding performance on the keyboard, drums and guitar. The students of Indian Instrumental showed their talent through an instrumental performance on the tabla and the harmonium. The Western Vocal students mesmerized the audience with their melodious performances. Everyone enjoyed the musical extravaganza. The students of English Theatre and Hindi Theatre put up plays with relevant social messages and themes such as Friendship. They used costumes and props to add to their performance.



FIRST POSITION : Hindi Theatre – Sections D To F

SECOND POSITION : Hindi Theatre – Sections A To C


FIRST POSITION : Hindi Theatre – Sections G To K

SECOND POSITION : English Theatre – Sections G To K


Work Experience activities help foster team work in students. Such activities also help the students to develop better communication skills and prepare them to face challenges they may encounter in their lives.  The Work Experience Showcase for class VI sections A to K was held on Tuesday, 05 February 2019.

The students who had opted for ‘Think Lab’, showed the various projects they had worked upon throughout the year. The presentation put up by the ‘Robotics’ students included all the interesting activities they had participated in. They also showcased the robots they had built and demonstrated their movements and potential usage. Students from ‘Disaster Management’ instructed the audience on the measures for safety during various natural disasters. ‘Health and I’ students demonstrated the benefits of healthy lifestyle through interesting skits. ‘Create Out of Waste’ students demonstrated all the different ways one can make interesting things out of waste material.  They displayed items such as dream catchers, snow globes and other interesting items they had created using waste material.  ‘Environment and I’ students brought posters they had prepared and spoke about the importance of being one with the environment and protecting the surroundings. Students of ‘Social Service’ spoke about putting the needs of others before your own luxuries.  They displayed posters and spoke about all that they had learnt during the year. The students of ‘Math Lab’ spoke about various activities they had done during the year. They showed interesting tangrams, pyramids and puzzles as well.



FIRST POSITION : Think Lab – Sections A To F

SECOND POSITION : Social Service  – Sections A To F


FIRST POSITION : Think Lab – Sections G To K

SECOND POSITION :  Math Lab – Sections G To K