“Self defence is not just a set of techniques, it’s a state of mind that begins with the belief that you are worth defending” -Rorion GracieA workshop on ‘Self Defence’ was organised on 3rd March, 2023 in the Open Air Theatre. Various self-defence techniques were taught to the teachers to help prepare them for unexpected situations and improve their mental and physical health. They were made familiar with the prey position, formation of the fist for the punch, basic punch Position, and hay- sound that is to be made during the attack to make the attack more powerful. The next in line was the introduction of basic and intermediate self-defence techniques, including ashikaga-shi punch position, fingertips attack, neck locks, other block attacks, elbow attack, hand grips, bust attack, book & pen attack, hair grip and defence, other grip attacks and defence. The training programme was full of learning, fun and excitement.