Scholar Badge Ceremony CLASS IX

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
~ William Arthur Ward

The Scholar Badge Ceremony of Class IX, was hosted by DPS R.K. Puram on 25 October 2019 for the academic session 2019-20. This prestigious annual celebration recognizes the sincere dedication and focused hard work of the meritorious students and their achievements in the previous academic year.

The event was graced by the presence of the Principal, Ms Vanita Sehgal, the Vice Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan and the Head Mistresses, Mrs Rashmi Malhotra and Ms Niva Chhonkar. Dr and Mrs Dogra, parents of Armaan Dogra and initiators of the all-rounder Student of the Year award for class VIII, were also present. The Chief Guest for the day, Ms. Shovana Narayan, a member of the DPS Society since 1998, was felicitated by the Principal. She currently serves in the Indian Audit and Accounts Services, and is a Deputy Director General at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Department of Telecommunication. 

The programme began with the scintillating beats of the school orchestra. This was followed by a presentation on the school’s academic results, and a plethora of eminent co-curricular and extracurricular achievements,and  concluded with the school’s mission statement. 

The Principal  addressed the gathering  by welcoming the Chief Guest and the parents of Armaan Dogra. Emphasizing on the theme of the ceremony, “At the precipice, we change”, she highlighted the importance of change and evolution. Using anecdotes, she accentuated the importance of diligence, persistence and positive feedback. Quoting the poem “Leisure” by William Henry Davies, she said that instead of waiting to reach the precipice, one should change before it’s too late. She concluded by thanking the various departments for their dedication, and expressed her pride in the school. 

The cultural programme started with a monologue on the exigencies of life, followed by an enigmatic fusion dance. The event proceeded in the format of a game show, which exemplified the theme through examples of King Ashoka, Srikanth Bolla, Laxmi Agarwal and Dashrath Manjhi. The students presented these through captivating, eloquent poems in Hindi about ‘antarman’ or ‘the inner heart’. The struggles of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor and an Indian campaigner with Stop Sale Acid, were asseverated through a speech and a mirror mime. A spry, vigorous ‘josh dance’ preceded the presentation of Dashrath Manjhi, a labourer in Gehlaur village. A charismatic dance embodying the phoenix rising from the ashes wrapped up the cultural programme. 

The Chief Guest then spoke to the audience, expressing her admiration for the innovative and well-presented performances. Emphasizing on the fact that “change is the only constant factor”, she brought out the contrast between the constancy of values and the evolution of tradition. She went on to speak about society’s concentration on external appearances, and the compartmentalization of individuality, leading to a prominent lack of creativity. She stated that teachings can come from the most unexpected of places, and one will constantly be faced with challenges. She elaborated upon the significance of analytic reasoning and the spirit of curiosity. She ended her speech by congratulating the awardees, but said that everyone is a winner as long as they pursue their passion with perseverance and courage. 

The Award Ceremony commenced with Dr and Mrs Dogra presenting the Armaan Dogra Memorial Trophy to Parth Kumar, IX-K. She addressed the students, urging them to appreciate each moment of their life.The award ceremony was conducted by the Class IX Representatives Ms Surbhi Gaur and Ms Shruti Vijyan.

The Headmistress, Mrs Rashmi Malhotra, delivered the vote of thanks, and  the ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.