SAMSKRITAMRITAM- Cultural and a Guest Speaker Programme

The Sanskrit department of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram,under the guidance of the Principal,Ms. Padma Srinivasan celebrated “Sanskrit Saptah” in an attempt to pay due respect to the divine language. “Sanskrit has a rich cultural and aesthetic history, being one of the most ancient languages; it must be practiced in day-to-day life to ensure that it does not fade away”.. The week commenced with the Sukti writing competition for class X which showed  the contemplative intellect of the students , displaying artistic portrayal of verses in an easy yet witty manner .On the second day , Sanskrit patriotic song competition for class IX was held wherein the students recited sanskrit songs in electrifying voices followed by various online competitions organised for classes VI to VIII.The week concluded on 21st of August,2020 with a guest speaker programme.The aim of the programme was to apprise the learners of the future of this ancient language,it’s beauty and relation to our culture and options of pursuing it in higher studies.

The Guest speaker for the programme was Sri. Jyotishmayi Vidyadhar , Assistant Professor at Amrita school of arts and science,Kochi and also the former state organising secretary of Delhi Samskrit Bharati.The programme commenced with the welcome speech by the head of the department Ms. Fatma Kirmani followed by the enchanting recitation of Saraswati vandana by Adya Srivastava (IX-J),dance on Shiv tandav stotram by Tashvi Gupta (IX-J) and the patriotic songs in sanskrit by the first position holders of the Sanskrit song competition – Chaitanya Jain (IX- I) and Vanya Sharma (IX- J).The programme was presented entirely in sanskrit language only.The guest speaker in his address emphasized on the importance of Sanskrit which is the real key to our past that helps unravel the myriad mysteries in our ancient texts and of our religious – cultural traditions.He also talked at length about its practicality , its need in present scenario and how studying this language is beneficial in our future.It seemed that sanskrit will very soon emerge out from the realm of recede to become a progressive bond connecting cultures to their roots.He also talked about its immense potential and scope worldwide,various world class top universities teaching sanskrit,use of sanskrit in Yoga, Ayurveda ,Speech therapy and having the same effect of Pranayam.He concluded his speech,by talking about the relation of sanskrit and business administration.Also, its enormous business volume in the year 2030. The Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra graced the occasion with her presence.The sixty minutes long grand event with 70 participants culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Rupali Mahindru at the end of the programme.

Sanskrit week was thus successful in its aim to encourage linguistic creativity among students and benefit them with a systematic approach to study Sanskrit.