Report on Aptitude Test – Class X (2020-21)

20 May, 2020

Aptitude is basically an innate, learned or acquired ability of an individual to perform certain tasks. Aptitude tests help to round out a child’s profile which is useful in seeking academic and career guidance. Therefore, conducting this test becomes an integral part of the school curriculum. 

To empower the students with this essential indicator, an aptitude assessment was conducted online this year by the school counsellors and teachers for the students of Class X under the guidance of the Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra on 20th May, 2020.

Students received the test links on the stream of the Google classroom. The test comprised seven parts. Each part was timed differently. The links were programmed to be active and open to accept responses from students only at the allotted time for each test. Students were encouraged to follow their teachers’ instructions carefully. 

The response was amazing. The aptitude test ensured 91% participation from Class X students.

Following the test, all the participants were given an analysed report, providing them with details on aptitude, personality assessment and career guidance.