Promise to Protect: A Tobacco-Free Future

“Promise to Protect: A Tobacco-Free Future” is a video campaign aimed at combating the harmful effects of tobacco use and an effort towards prevention youth initiation.

The campaign has been strategically scheduled to coincide with Gandhi Jayanti, celebrated on October 2nd , to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's principles of non-violence and his tireless efforts to eradicate harmful practices. This initiative underscores the importance of non-violence not only towards others but also towards our own bodies by avoiding harmful substances like tobacco.

Key Details of the Campaign:

1. Take the Promise to Protect Pledge by teachers and students and get certificate at (share further with students)

2. The Teachers can share their stories and testimonies related to tobacco use and its profound impact- Real teachers share personal stories and expert insights –

3. On Gandhi Jayanti, October 2nd , 2023, seminar will be broadcast nationwide on It will feature inspiring stories, testimonials, and commitments from teachers and educators who are dedicated to protecting our youth from the harmful effects of tobacco use.