On 14 August 2023 DPS RKPuram observed the “Partition Horrors Remembrance Day,” dedicated to commemorating the tragic events and human suffering during the partition of India in 1947. This solemn occasion aimed to educate students about the historical significance of the partition and its impact on millions of lives.

Photowalk was organized by the Digex Club of DPS RKPuram, where the Principal, students and teachers, and staff members gathered to pay their respects and reflect on the past.

The Partition Horrors Remembrance Day served as a poignant reminder that history must not be forgotten. By delving into this painful chapter of our past, students gained a deeper understanding of the consequences of communal strife and the importance of fostering harmony and tolerance in society. The event encouraged critical thinking, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding among our students.

The Partition Horrors Remembrance Day was a somber yet enlightening experience that allowed our school community to reflect on the past, learn from history, and promote unity and understanding. By acknowledging the pain and suffering of the partition, we strive to build a more compassionate and inclusive society for future generations.