An Orientation session was held for the parents of students of class XII on 2nd April 2024 and 3rd  April 2024 from 2: 30 PM onwards. The Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan, emphasized the cooperation of parents in developing the habit of being regular to School and that an increase in concentration span of the students was the need of the hour. The Vice Principal, Mr Naresh MIglani, addressed the issue of academic rigour amongst the students within the four walls of the classroom. He expressed his concern about the use of mobile phones in the classroom and informed the parents that students cannot carry them to School under any circumstances. Mr. Anil Kathuria, Vice Principal of Humanities stream, stressed upon strict discipline to be followed in the School and gave top priority to reaching School on time in proper School Uniform. Mr Mukesh Kumar, Vice Principal of Commerce Stream, urged the parents fraternity to keep in touch with all subject teachers and take a regular update about their ward’s performance on a regular basis. The Class Representatives welcomed the parents and students by introducing themselves and suggested contacting them in case of any admin issues. They touched upon the procedure of issuing LORs and suggested the students make use of their official mail id for any communication with the School. They stressed upon fruitful utilisation of the last academic session of the school for a better future. The Class teachers welcomed the parents and requested them to check the official mail id of the students on a regular basis for official updates. Parents were informed about the mandatory requirement of 75% attendance. All Class teachers shared the contact details of all the subject teachers and thereafter each subject teacher gave a brief introduction about their subject along with the books, course content, examination pattern and break up of marks. The session ended by answering the query of the parents. The parents were satisfied that they met all teachers in the beginning of the session itself and took their telephone numbers to be in touch with them. The session was fruitful, constructive and gainful.