Observing Forgiveness – Value Of The Month (January)


All students of class VI contributed in making the class board. All of them got slogans, posters, articles and drawings in English and Hindi. These were checked by the respective English and Hindi teachers. Students also decorated the corridors by putting up various slogans, quotes, etc.

FORGIVENESS is required for a person to be perfect. One needs to forgive others as quickly as one expects them to forgive you.

As a part of the value of the month, various activities related to forgiveness were carried out in the classes. Discussions and speeches were organized and the students were encouraged to understand the importance of forgiveness. The topic was discussed in all the classes at length with various stories using real life examples.
The value of the word ‘Forgiveness’ was stressed upon. Students took active interest in decorating the classes. Students brought various quotations on the topic.

Certificates will be given to students who have understood and applied the real worth of the value of forgiveness.

Quotes on forgiveness were put up in the Circular Block 2nd Floor. The students put up quotes on forgiveness in their classes too.

The Class teachers discussed the importance of “letting go” to forgive and forget as this lessens strife during the Home room periods. Certificates are also being distributed to students who displayed this value in an exemplary manner.