The Social Service League conducted a Mental Health Workshop for the student members of Class X and XI  on 12th October 2021 on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, which is celebrated on 10th October. Around 50 students participated in this workshop. This Workshop aimed at  highlighting the importance of Mental Health and how it should be prioritised. 

The event embarked with a presentation, which explained the importance of mental health, the factors affecting it, and seeking acceptance. Additionally, a short activity ‘Scribble’ was conducted which initiated heartfelt expressions of the students’ thoughts as the participants penned down their feelings. The main aim of this activity was to help everyone understand their emotions and feelings better. It was conducted by Gauri Verma (XI-S), Parnika Banerjee(XI-I), Arpita Sahoo(XI-U), and Veronika Dhingra(XI-F) with the full support of Simran Joshi(XII-Q), Anushka Gautam(XII-S), Riya Jain(XII-R), and Sanya Aggarwal(XII-V), under the guidance of Ms.Preeti Pratihari(teacher incharge).