“The mind acts like an enemy for those who cannot control it”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

The auspicious occasion of Janmashtami was celebrated with a glorious performance by both hostels of Delhi Public School R.K.Puram on 5th September 2023. The audience was presented with musical performances, vivacious dance routines and captivating speeches.

The Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan addressed the gathering and reminded everyone that festivals are not only about the culture, but also about togetherness and building bonds with the people and community around us. Furthermore, the Principal signified the importance of shlokas having a big impact on one’s well being. To demonstrate how she herself places great significance on them, the Principal recited one of the most impactful shlokas in the Bhagavad Gita, inspiring everyone in the audience.

The gathering was mesmerised by the euphonious melodies of several songs following the speech by the Principal. Thereafter, a musical skit, in the form of a wonderful dance-drama depicting the famous Makhan Chori Lila- a soulful conversation between a young Lord Krishna and his mother on the accusation of him stealing makhan from the women of Braj, was presented. After that, a beautiful Maharaas was performed, which left everyone spellbound. A grand narration of Lord Krishna’s peace proposal from The Mahabharata composed by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was recited verbatim by Pratisth Acharya of XII-A which was received by the awestruck audience with a standing ovation. 

Concluding the event, the Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra gave the vote of thanks, thanking the Principal for always supporting the members of staff and encouraging the students to display such enrapturing performances, and expressed how the celebration rekindled the fond memories of her childhood. 

The event showed that Lord Krishna plays an important role in everyone’s life in some way or the other while also giving an opportunity to the hostellers to showcase their versatile talents. The evening was a beautiful way to remember the glory of Lord Krishna, and the relevance of his wisdom even in present times.