Interactive session: Enhancing Competencies with Experiential learning

‘Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.’- John Keats

An interactive session with the  teachers from the Junior Schools,Delhi Public School, East of Kailash and Vasant Vihar was  held on 24th & 25th February 2022 in DPS R.K.Puram in the Senior Biology Lab. This session was a step towards enhancing competencies of the students at primary level by using experiential learning, the very essence of New Education Policy.

On day I, February 24,2022 the interactive  session was held for EVS teachers of Classes I and II.

 The session commenced with words of motivation by the esteemed Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan. Various innovative and creative activities were presented like awareness of sense organs by  Five senses station, Preparing Natural dyes with red cabbage, spinach, Hibiscus and beetroot.The concept of traffic lights was suitably connected with emotions to be internalized by the students early in life. The importance and means of  conservation of water was emphasized by the model of rainwater harvesting. Chapter by chapter, the activities were discussed and brainstormed by all the teachers present. 

On day II, 25th February 2022, the interactive  session was held for EVS teachers of Classes III, IV and V.

The session began with the Principal stressing upon the use of the native language while teaching the students of classes I-V. She spoke of the importance of Experiential learning and  the importance of observing scientific facts in our environment, the food that we eat, in our architecture, in every aspect of our lives;  to enable the curiosity in young students so as to encourage them to experiment and infer. 

Activities highlighting the factors needed for growth of plants, the germination of seeds,paper Chromatography, transpiration and the importance of stomata , the porosity of various types of soil, the churning action of our stomach depicted with the help of a poly bag, adulterants and their detection in our food, importance of millets, multigrain flour, use of neem and babool twigs as toothbrush,harvesting of rainwater and the use of drip irrigation to irrigate,  were demonstrated.

The vision, planning and enactment of this interactive session was provided by Ms. Niva Chhonkar, HOD Biology.Ms. Saveri Lal, Ms. Neelam Ajwani,Ms. Rituraj,Ms. Reema Khosla, Ms. Shruti Gupta, Ms. Dimple Menon, Ms. Manu Gupta,Ms. Bharti. Ms. Shalini Chanana,Ms. Kusum Yadav and Ms. Kajal Sethi organized the activities.