Interaction with Ms. Eryn Andrews Astronaut/Flight Control Engineer at Nasa,Houston

The event was organised by The Think Club on 1st December 2020. Students of Classes 9th and 10th participated in a live interactive session with Ms. Eryn Andrews.

Ms Eryn Andrews,an experienced engineer with several years supporting the International Space Station (ISS) in various roles, She is highly knowledgeable in ISS structure, facilities, and operations. She is dedicated to space exploration.

Ms. Andrews started with a short introduction about herself. She began by showing the students a presentation , highlighting her career as an astronaut trainer,with videos and pictures of astronaut training labs. She talked in depth about how to become an astronaut and specified over the fact that grades always need to be high.

After her presentation highly motivated students started asking questions about space exploration and space theories which Ms. Andrews answered enthusiastically. She also shared the experience of how difficult and rigorous the training actually is and enacted how to wear a space suit. She also mentioned that being in the space suit and the zero gravity experience was the highlight of her career. The event ended at 9:00 pm after which Ms. ANdrews talked to the Think Club  members and Think Club Incharge Ms. Archna Deepak informally.The students were left  awestruck .