“The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

 ~Albert Einstein

We know that creativity towards science puts things in context, sharpens details, and hones observations. The Intersection Biology Competition was organized by Inquisitio, the Biology Club in association with Plasmid, the Biotechnology Club. Its motive was to encourage children to involve art and creativity in a scientific concept. Students from Classes VI-XII submitted creative works in the form of essays, posters, collages, comic strips, and posters through a google form on the following topics-

VI-VIII Science Around Us

IX-X  Life Processes

XI-XII Concept Of Biotechnology

All the classes participated wholeheartedly in the competition. It was a tough decision to select the prize winners. The events were organized by Ms kajal Sethi and Ms Kusum Yadav under the guidance of Ms Niva Chhonkar

 The following are the winners of the Intersection Biology Competition-

Class VI-VIII- 

            First Position- Lavanya Singh (VI C), Reyansh Wadhwa (VIII J)

CLass XII 
First Position -Laavya Malhotra XII B
Second Position- Arnav Grover (XII B)
Third Position- Manishika Gupta (XII D)