“Where the mind is led forward by thee, into ever widening thought and action.
  Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake!”
  – Rabindranath Tagore

True stories of valour are not forgotten, they stay immortal in our hearts and in the pages of history. On 15 August 2021, Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram organised a virtual programme to celebrate 75 glorious years of India’s independence. One could witness students brimming with patriotic fervour and pride in their motherland as they presented powerful performances. The bleak circumstances did not hinder the jubilance in the atmosphere as the school made the best efforts to organise a spectacular online celebration in which students could display their talents.

The programme began with an instrumental performance by the talented students of the Western Music Society, which consisted of a medley of patriotic songs and helped instill a feeling of nationalism.

The Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, wished everyone a very happy Independence Day and

spoke in remembrance of the great freedom fighters who fought for the independence of India we live in today. She emphasised the great sacrifice they made and encouraged students to work hard towards the development of the nation and acknowledge the privilege they hold. She concluded by emphasising that we should give to the nation all that we have and the best that we can.

Following this, students recounted tales of valour and talked about the courage and determination shown by various freedom fighters in an account of the Indian freedom struggle.. They emphasised the importance of continuing to work for the betterment of our nation. 

The Vice Principal, Mr. Naresh Miglani emphasised the good fortune we have in living in an independent country and having fundamental rights. He said that no nation is perfect but must be made perfect by its citizens. For this, he said, we should work hard, fulfill our duties and be sincere in all our tasks.

This was followed by the much-awaited dance performance, where students enthusiastically presented power packed dances to the tunes of patriotic songs.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Anil Kathuria greeted all the viewers and said that for one to be free at heart, they must fulfill their responsibilities. He spoke of the colours  of our national flag. Saffron symbolises the courage and strength the people of the country have shown in the past one and a half years, especially the medical support staff. The white band indicates peace and green, fertility and auspiciousness. He reiterated his hopes for a normal world.

The Expressions Theatre Club presented an inspiring sketch about the responsibilities that come with freedom. School appointees pledged to uphold the freedom of the country and talked about what freedom means to them. Following this was a beautiful musical medley where students created an atmosphere of patriotic fervour through their melodious voices.

The Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra showed her appreciation for the Olympians who won India’s best medal tally . According to her, the collective national pride in this feat united all Indians and made for a very fruitful and jovial 75th Independence Day.
In her concluding address, the Vice Principal, Ms. Renu Nayar threw light on the many achievements of India. She also addressed its many shortcomings and motivated the pupils, the future of the nation, to work towards remedying those.

The programme concluded with the National Anthem.