Delhi Public RK Puram participated in the Humanistic Design Summit which was organized by BML Munjal University on June 3rd 2024 and bagged the Third Position. The members of the team from DPS RK Puram were Mannat Kaur, Shreyansh Agarwal, Ananya Mangla, Aikagra Gupta and Rayna Borah. The team chose to present on the topic – Agrarian distress and rethinking the foundation of society. They employed humanistic design principles to highlight the fundamental design failure and systemic flaws and delineated possible pathways towards a better, more equitable world for all. Their presentation was well received and appreciated by the jury for its systematic approach to identifying the problem. 

The Humanistic Design Summit emphasized the “Design for a Better World” approach, focusing on using design principles to create public good. Each group tackled a complex societal issue, considering detailed socio-cultural and political-economic dimensions to shed light on how the problems can be decoded and solutions can be implemented in real-world scenarios. The primary goal of the summit was to integrate design with ethics, polity, nature, and natural intelligence. The competition consisted of two rounds. The first round was an elimination round, after which six teams were selected for the offline pitch and presentation.