“ The secret of Sufism is that it has no secret at all.”
Idries Shah      

The History Department of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a guest speaker programme on 10 May 2021 for the history students of class XII on the topic “Rise and Growth of Sufism in India” by Miss Namita Singh. She is an Assistant Professor  in the Department of History, Aryabhatta College, of Delhi University. She specializes in medieval history. The webinar provided a thorough understanding of Sufism and its significance. It took the students into the medieval world, providing them a deeper insight of the growth and expansion of sufism as a movement. The knowledge was woven by Miss Namita in a captivating manner that kindled students’ curiosity. The informative lecture was followed by a series of meticulous and thought provoking questions, both by students and teachers which Miss Namita answered with patience and enthusiasm. The questions paved the path for more meaningful discussions. The session was finally concluded on a note of contentment among all the students. It proved to be a gratifying experience for both the students and the teachers.