MARCH 2023

Series of sessions on Mental Health and Career Counselling were organised for students of class X as per the following schedule: 

Session I

The first session was conducted on the Orientation Session on Careers after class 12 by Mr Binit Binod and Mr Praveen Khanna from PRATHAM for students of class X on 21st AND 29th March 2023 (Tuesday and Wednesday). Sir emphasised upon how students can decide which career options they should opt for themselves based upon certain criteria including their aptitude, skills and interest. Sir, highlighted upon various career options available for students across all streams along with their entrance exams (such as CUET etc.) and future prospects.

Session II

A session on Cyber Safety was conducted by Sri Sinku Singh, Mr Deepak Kumar, Mr. Rajesh Kumar on 22nd and 28th March 2023 ( Wednesday and Tuesday) for students of class X. Sir with the help of real life case studies made students aware of the various threats one could get involved in if they don’t use these platforms wisely. Further students were provided with strategies to ensure their safety on online social media platforms. It was an interactive session where students were able to get clarity on how they could protect themselves and their loved one on online social media platforms.

Session III

Session on Saying No to Unhealthy Habits was conducted by Dr Mantosh Kumar ( Senior Psychiatrist at Fortis for students of class X on 23rd and 31stMarch 2023  (Thursday and Friday). Sir, engaged students by asking their perspective on various kinds of unhealthy habits one indulges in and how frequently we find one involved in it. Sir highlighted the impact of indulging in such habits on our brain, physical health, relationships etc. Students were further suggested strategies to handle tough stressful situations in their lives in a healthy manner. Students enjoyed the sessions as it was interactive in nature and gave them clarity on unhealthy habits one can get into when faced with challenging situations.

Session IV

Session on Profile Building for College Admissions was conducted by Council for American Education (CAE) by Mr Rajesh Arya on 24th March 2023 (Friday). The session gave students an insight into the importance and how to plan their careers ahead. Sir emphasized upon subject specific career options available for students with respect to the current admission process, requirements across various fields. Sir also provided information on various career options apart from the usual career options available.

Session V
A session on Career and Aptitude Testing was held for all students of grade X on 27th March 2023 (Monday) in offline mode. An aptitude is an inborn potential to do a certain kind of work, acquire certain kinds of skills or subjects of study. Aptitude Tests are used to assess whether an individual has the level of competency necessary for success in a particular field. A standardized test objectively measures what a person is able to do at the time he is being assessed and under the conditions of assessment. These tests typically measure abilities like Numerical Ability, Clerical Ability, Mechanical Reasoning, Closure Ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, Spatial Ability and Psycho-motor Ability.