Your understanding of what you read and hear is, to a very large degree, determined by your vocabulary, so improve your vocabulary daily. 

Winston Churchill                                                                 

The English Department of Delhi Public School R.K.Puram under the able guidance of Dr.Atika Dayal, Head of the English Department organised a guest speaker programme for the students of class XII on 30 April 2021. The Guest speaker was Ms.Tarannum Naseem Raza. 

Ms.Tarannum Naseem Raza is a professional career counsellor. She is an engineer(Electronics & Telecommunications) and holds an MBA degree as well. Her logical ability and excellent command over the English language coupled with her vast experience of more than twenty years makes her a dynamic mentor. In her association with T.I.M.E for more than thirteen years she has mentored thousands of students and guided them to achieve their goals. She has a vast knowledge of various courses and the contemporary job scenario.

Her creative approach towards the subject made the session very interactive and engaging for the learners. Students discovered techniques of learning and retaining new words by following the rules of association.(Visual memory and connotations).The programme included various brainstorming sessions which fostered analytical and critical thinking.Ms.Tarannum enlightened the students about different types of words like marsupial words, joey and portmanteau words. 

She guided  the students about ways to improve the vocabulary keeping in mind the R-P-S approach (Root word- Prefix – suffix). She amalgamated pictorial references from famous movies, mythologies and novels to drop clues  and stimulate responses. 

She applied an innovative technique by introducing the concept of “Mnemonic”  so that students could grasp the meaning of new words. The session culminated with impromptu activities and interesting questions.The students found the session to be an inspiring one as it gave them the opportunity to hone language-related skills.The vote of thanks was proposed by DR. Atika Dayal. The staff members and students expressed their gratitude towards the speaker for an informative and fruitful session.