Guest Speaker Programme for Class XI

Guest Lecture was organized for Class XI students on 18 May, 2018. Dr. H.K. Chopra, Chief Cardiologist, Moolchand Medicity, National President, Cardiological Society of India, was the speaker. The topic was ‘Lifestyle and Health: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science’.   Ms Anita Singh felicitated the Guest.

Dr Chopra said that ‘Health & Wellness’ is the expression of our choice and we should adopt ‘Satvik’ or positive lifestyle. Wrong type of food at wrong place and wrong time should be avoided to keep ourselves healthy. He spoke about heart diseases (CAD), their causes and prevention. According to him, industrialization & environmental pollution are the two main causes of heart diseases. It was surprising to know that Indians are 4 times more prone to heart diseases, hence number one killer in India. Faulty lifestyle and food habits are contributory factors. He advised the students to exercise daily for better concentration.

Dr Chopra presented the facts and consequences in such a way that the students could relate to it and enjoyed the session.

The programme was coordinated by the Biology Department.