Guest Speaker Programme – Class XI

Two guest speaker programmes were held on December, 6th 2019 for the students of class XI.  

Session 1 –POCSO 

The first session was held at 8:30 a.m.  on POCSO. The speaker was Ms Charu Kakkar, an eminent social worker who has been working with juveniles for the past twenty years. 

Ms Kakkar spoke to students at length sensitizing them to the need of raising an alarm if his/her personal space is violated. She also brought out to the students that contrary to the popular belief that girls are target of sexual assault, males are equally exploited. The speaker also interacted with the students and answered their queries.


The second session was held at 1 p.m. based on HAPPINESS QUOTIENT. The speaker for the programme was Ms. Jyotika Bedi, a life skill trainer. She spoke to children about the concept of happiness. Ms Jyotika Bedi talked about the importance of contentment, caring and sharing to lead a happy life.  Ms Bedi had a fruitful interaction with the students and answered their questions. She told the students that happiness is not the outcome of material success but an inner satisfaction that leads to a deep feeling of gratification.