Guest Speaker for Class XI Biology Students

Prof. Kannan – Guest Speaker for Class XI Biology Students

On 18th January 2017, Professor K. Kannan from the Biotechnology Department of Guru Govind Singh IP University was invited as a Guest Speaker to address the Class XII Biotechnology Students in the Senior Biology laboratory. The Vice Principal, Mrs Anita Singh welcomed the guest.Prof Kannan asked the students to always be on a look for an opportunity for finding innovative solutions to be successful as Biotechnology is all about using creative ways to solve a biological problem. He also explained the concepts of stem cell, FISH technology, mass spectrometer, Protein sequencing , pre implant genetic diagnosis and the use of antibodies.Later he addressed the five Biology sections of Class XI.The topic was ‘Biology and beyond’. He said that the future prospects in the field of Biology like in Tissue Culture,Gut Biology, Pharmacogenomics,Intellectual Property Rights were very bright.It was interesting to know how gut bacteria influence our mood.He motivated the students to believe in themselves and to take intelligent risks.The programme was organised by Ms Kusum Yadav and Ms Niva Chhonkar of the Biology Department