Harbin Kaur Jawanda, a student of Class 6 I is an upcoming talent in the Junior Circuit(tour) Golf in our country.

She has been pursuing Golf at the competitive level since 2015 and within a short period she has had various wins under her belt which includes Hitters Junior Golf Tour 2015, Champion Junior Golf Tour India 2015, Ultimate Golf Junior Tour 2015, Champion Junior NCR Golf and the 41st Lufthansa Junior Golf Tour etc. She is also the winner of the FCG World Putting Qualifier 2016 ‎ where she defeated boys and girls from all over the country. At this young age as per Indian Golf Union (IGU) the apex golf body which ranks professional golfers in India, her present Rank in India is 4th in her category C (Age group 11-13)

She is also ranked All India no 11 in the Kumon Mathematics Program and has exhibited the proficiency to study 3 grades above her present school grade level.