“Freeze Tolerant Fun”

Biology and Biotechnology club of Delhi Public School RK Puram, organised the competition “Freeze Tolerant Fun” for the students. The competition consisted of the following 2 events:-

Poem the picture            

The participants were asked to choose a relevant picture related to biology or biotechnology and they had to use their creativity and explore the concepts of biology and write a poem based on this picture.

The event was won by Sheen Madan of IX-G

 Comic strip designing

The participants had to show their artistic inclination and create a comic strip which depicted some important discoveries in the field of biology/biotechnology that revolutionised the way of living.

The event was won by LAAVYA MALHOTRA of X-O

The students enjoyed the competition as well as explored several new concepts in the field of biology. It helped the students to go into the depths of Biology and inspired them to pursue it in the future.