Football Tournament 2023

“Passion first and everything will fall into place.” —Holly Holm

Delhi Public School R.K. Puram hosted The DPS Football Tournament for Boys (open) 2023, from October 19 to October 21, 2023. DPS RK Puram was the host school for the inter-DPS matches of Zone-2. The event consisted of 21 competing teams divided into 8 pools, enthused to play and bag the winning trophy.

The opening ceremony on 19th October 2023 was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest, Shri VK Shunglu, Chairman, Managing Committee DPS RK Puram. The Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan felicitated the Chief Guest with a token of appreciation upon his arrival. This was followed by the inaugural lighting of the lamp, which was accompanied by a melodious shloka. The flag was hoisted and a rendition of a classic football song was presented by the Western Choir, enthralling the players and instilling in them a newfound motivation. 

The Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan  addressed the gathering with a motivational speech, with emphasis on how every player is a winner. She encouraged the participants to give their best on the field, regardless of the outcome. An invigorating yoga performance ensued, displaying nuanced and synchronised movements. The esteemed chief guest shared thoughtful words of wisdom with the participants, touching upon the significance of establishing team-spirit and collectively working for the team’s success. He drew a parallel between the sport of football and the game of life, illustrating how the skills required in life are acquired through team sports like football. 

The oath was administered by the Sports President to consolidate a sense of integrity and sportsmanship. The Chairman then declared the tournament open. A celebratory taekwondo demonstration followed, with coordinated formations and thrilling feats.The ceremony concluded with the commemorative photographs of the teams. 

The tournament witnessed deftness and agility of the players, through 25 matches spanning 3 days. The quarter finals were conducted on the evening of 20th October, followed by the semi-finals on the morning of 21st October. The winners of the semi-finals, DPS Gurugram Sec. 45 and DPS Vasant Kunj competed in the final match, and the tournament was brought to an end with the much-awaited felicitation of the prolific players. The trophy was taken home by Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj. The Best Player Award was presented to Suvrat Shankar Mishra from DPS Vasant Kunj, for scoring the highest number of goals in the tournament. 

The closing ceremony ensued with an address by the head of the physical education department Mr N Suresh , commending the players for their dedication and consistent hard work. This was followed by a classical symphony by the Indian Vocal Choir. The award ceremony was conducted by the Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, the Vice Principal, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, and Mr. N. Suresh, lauding the winners for their tenacious performance. The Vice Principal, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, proposed the vote of thanks, expressing his gratitude to all the individuals and departments that made hosting the championship possible. The ceremony concluded with the national anthem.

The tournament schedule along with their respective results are as follows:

Match 1DPS RK Puram vs. DPS Maruti KunjRK Puram won 1-0
Match 2DPS Panipat Refinery vs. DPS BulandshahrBulandshahr won 5-0
Match 3DPS Greater Noida vs. DPS RewariGR noida won 4-1
Match 4DPS Rohini vs. DPS NTPC Vidyut NagarMatch Tie 1-1
Match 5DPS Raj Nagar Ghaziabad vs. DPS FaridabadFaridabad won 1-0
Match 6DPS RN Extension vs. DPS Sec. 45 GurugramSec 45 gurugram won 7-1
Match 7DPS Siddharth vihar vs. DPS Sec. 102 GurugramGurugram won 3-1
Match 8
DPS Dwarka vs. DPS Rohini
Dwarka won 4-0
Match 9DPS Sec. 98 G.Faridabad vs. DPS RewariRewari won 4-0
Match 10DPS Sushant Lok vs. DPS Maruti KunjMaruti kunj won 1-0
Match 11DPS Faridabad vs. DPS Mathura RoadMatch Tie 1-1
Match 12DPS RN Extension vs. DPS Knowledge ParkRN ext. Won 3-1
Match 13DPS RK Puram vs. DPS Sushant LokSushant lok won 3-1
Match 14DPS Sec. 45 Gurugram vs. DPS Knowledge ParkSec 45 gurugram won 3-0
Match 15DPS Noida Sec. 30 vs. DPS Vasant KunjVasant kunj 3-1
Match 16DPS Mathura Road vs. DPS Raj nagar ghaziabadMathura road won 2-0
Match 17DPS Greater Noida vs. DPS Sec. 98 G.                                               FaridabadGreater noida won 4-0
Match 18DPS Dwarka vs. DPS NTPC Vidyut nagarNTPC won 1-0
QUARTER FINALS – 20/10/2023
Match 19DPS Greater Noida vs.DPS Mathura roadMathura road won 1-0
Match 20DPS Sec. 45 Gurugram vs.DPS Sushant lokSec.45 gurugram won 4-0
Match 21DPS NTPC Vidyut nagar vs. DPS BulandshahrBulandshahr won 1-0
Match 22DPS Vasant Kunj vs.DPS Sec.102 GurugramVasant kunj won 6-0
SEMI FINALS – 21/10/2023
Match 23DPS Mathura Road vs. DPS Sec45 gurugramSec.45 Gurugram won 
Match 24DPS Bulandshahr vs.DPS Vasant kunj Vasant kunj won 6-0
FINALS – 21/10/2023
Match 25DPS Vasant Kunj vs. DPS Sec. 45 Gurugram 
Suvrat Shankar Mishra – DPS Vasant Kunj
Match 26DPS Bulandshahr vs. DPS Mathura road