National IT Symposium – Exun 2019

The 24th Annual IT Symposium ‘EXUN 2019’ was hosted by Exun Clan, the Technology Club of Delhi Public School, RK Puram on 19-20 October 2019. The event was sponsored by BML Munjal University, Oxford University Press, Evelyn Learning Systems and Group A Logistics. This event was the National IT Symposium for and by the tech enthusiast students under the supervision of Computer Science Department of the school.

Established in 1992, the Exun Clan was the brainchild of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Head of the Computer Science Department, and an enthusiastic group of IT aficionados. Short for “Experts Unlimited,” Exun is one of the most renowned clubs, giving students an opportunity to display their abilities in the vast field of IT. The club believes that its members are part of a strong family, which is exemplified by their motto, “We, not I”.

This year, with 729 registrations from 78 schools, Exun along with The Gaming Club – DomainSquare+, Robotics Club – RoboKnights and Cubing Club – CubXL organised 20 different IT events including an Online Cryptic Hunt– Sudocrypt and a Girls’ Surprise Event.

The symposium had pre-started with Sudocrypt on 13-14 October, where the group behind the online cryptic hunt redesigned the hunt by including highlights which were greatly appreciated by the participants, such as a new chessboard-like format. More than 1000 participants took part in Sudocrypt, accumulating a total of 200,000+ points. On this occasion, Exun also released the 14th issue of its Annual Magazine – “UnderScore”.

EXUN 2018 – DAY 1

The occasion commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The event was graced by the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal along with the Computer Science Teachers of DPS RKPuram and participating schools along with Tech Aid crew.

The Introduction Video for Exun 2019 was presented by the Exun Clan, showcasing a brief particulars about the events and the achievements of the club.

The Principal, in her welcome address, expressed her admiration for the club and the rapid advances they have made in the IT field. Furthermore, she articulated on the significance of technology and how she herself cannot do without it. At the same time, she emphasised the human aspect of life, and described how technology is a very powerful weapon, and should not be misused. Towards the end of her speech, she congratulated the entire Computer Science Department, calling them the backbone of the school, and praised Exun for being one of the most seasoned clubs.

The first day included the events of Build (Hackathon), Build (Designathon), SpaceTech, Competitive Programming, Turing Test, Group Discussion, Hardware, Open Quiz, Crossword, DomainSquare+ Gaming, DomainSquare+ Gaming QuizCross, NOVA 2.0 (RoboRace), MX+C (Line Follower), Cubing 2×2, Cubing 3×3, Pyraminx and Girls’ Surprise Event (conducted by Women Who Code Delhi).

Group Discussion was conducted in two rounds. An online preliminary round was conducted on Day 1, followed by the onsite semi-finals and finals on the same day. Mr. Sameer Chadha and Mr. Siddhant Shah, alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan, were the judges for the event. 

Build was an event wherein students were competing against each other in all aspects of design and software development. The event was judged by Mr. Sibesh Kar and Mr. Arunim Gupta, who are DPS RK Puram and Exun alumni. 

Crossword was conducted in two rounds, an online preliminary and an onsite final event. The onsite event included pun-based, tech-related questions. The event was conducted by Mr. Srijan Jain, an alumni of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

The preliminary round of the DomainSquare+ Gaming QuizCross asked participants to answer a number of questions on a wide variety of games and gaming-related trivia. The event was a combined quiz and crossword organized for the first time by Exun and DomainSquare+.

The basis of the Spacetech event was the growing influx of investments of IT companies in the development of space technologies. The event, judged by Mr. Arunim Gupta, Mr. Bhavya Khandelwal, Mr. Antonio Fowl Stark, and Mr. Aditya Sengupta, was held in collaboration with the New Delhi Space Society. As an official World Space Week event, Spacetech was based on World Space Week’s 2019 theme “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”. Participants had to devise innovative methods to grow food on the lunar surface or create cooling solutions for server enclosures on the lunar surface environment. The event culminated with participants pitching their innovations onsite. 

Competitive Programming saw the participants face a plethora of  problems based on logic, algorithms and data structures. They were evaluated on the basis of the time they took to solve the problems . The online qualifying round saw more than 1000 participants, including 192 international participants, out of which 10 teams battled it out in the onsite finals. 

The Gaming event, organized by DomainSquare+ focussed on the abilities of gamers to adapt to different situations as they were presented with games like Nidhogg, Shovel Knight, Curveball, Super Hexagon, Devil Daggers and Assault Cube.

NOVA 2.0  RoboRace and MX+C V 3.0 line follower events were hosted by RoboKnights. Both events had multiple rounds, cheered on by an enthusiastic audience. The MX+C  was judged by Mr. Aniansh Raj Singh, former President, RoboKnights. Teams from fourteen distinct schools participated in both MX+C and NOVA.

Turing Test was a written test that assessed the computational linguistics skills of participants by testing them on solving problems on real-world languages such as Sye, Ura, and Sami.

In the Open Quiz, all teams which qualified for the final round answered a number of questions on a diverse range of topics such as Technology, I.T, tech-politics, and Gaming. The “Infinite Pounce and Bounce” system in play throughout the quiz, which was conducted by esteemed quizmaster Mr. Apratim Chandra Singh. 

Cubing Event, the first day started with war of speed with three solves by each and the average of the three was taken for shortlisting them for final. A total of 24, 9 from 2×2, 9 from 3×3 and 6 from Pyraminx were selected for finals.

In collaboration with the organization ‘Women Who Code Delhi’, Exun 2019 featured a workshop and an exciting Girls’ Surprise Event, with an aim to provide girls with a platform to showcase their talent. The theme for this year was contribution to open source software development.

EXUN 2019 – DAY 2

The second day of the event included Build (Hackathon), Build (Designathon), SpaceTech, Hardware, Surprise Event, DomainSquare+ Gaming, DomainSquare+ Gaming QuizCross Finals, Delhi-NCR Jr. Gaming Championship Finals, NOVA 2.0 (RoboRace), Cubing 2×2, Cubing 3×3, Pyraminx and Surprise Event for Girls.

The on-stage finals of DomainSquare+ Gaming QuizCross were conducted by Exun and DomainSquare+ members Sagnik Anupam, Aravind Ashok, and Aaryak Garg. Eight teams had qualified for the finals, which had rounds like pun-based questions, trivia and an exciting “Mega-Connect” round.

Surprise Event consisted of three rounds. The first was a miniature version of the popular Sudocrypt event, in which participants cracked cryptic questions. The second round required participants to play a challenging game called ‘This is the Only Level 3.’ The final round asked participants to draft a team of influential tech personalities based on their leadership and ingenuity. The event was judged by Mr. Aman Verma, an alumnus of DPS RK Puram and Exun Clan.

DomainSquare+ Gaming saw the adroit gamers exhibit their finesse in gaming as they were presented with games like Trials Fusion, Mortal Kombat 11, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. 

Equipped with PlayStation controllers and immense fortitude, gaming enthusiasts from all over Delhi NCR partook in the Delhi-NCR Jr. Gaming Championship, playing FIFA 19. Mr. Joy Sachdeva and Mr. Rohan Bhatia, both alumni judged the event.

The finals of Build, a two-day hackathon and designathon based on a prompt given on the spot, consisted of participants developing and pitching their innovative products to the judges.

The Hardware finals were a test of data recovery and skills on Arch Linux. Theoretical knowledge of the participants were also tested. The event was judged by Mr. Danish Bansal an alumni of Exun Clan.

Rapid manoeuvres and dexterity of hands characterized the Cubing Event, the finalists of which went head to head to solve a 2×2, 3×3, and a Pyraminx cube.

On Day 2 of the Girls’ Surprise Event, the event turned into a competitive programming event, where girls claimed tasks from an online repository and solved multiple problems using Python and C++.

In the final showdown, the robots battled it out in the Nova 2.0 roborace track, each trying to emerge as the victor. Vinamr L Sachdeva, Anmol Dhaliwal, Shashwat Raj, Yashas Gogna, Rian Borah, Ayush Mishra, Yash Kumar Sinha,Tanish Bhatt, Kshitij Gupta,  Aniket Negi, Rudra Pruthi, Tanmay Singhal, Advitya Singhal, Pingaksh, Tanishq Gogia, Karmanya Birla, Swarnika Bhardwaj and Chirag Malhotra volunteered in various capacities to make the robotics events a big success.

The Computer Science Teachers comprising of Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Ms. Hema Jain, Ms. Sangeeta Rana, Mr. Mohitendra Dey, Ms. Shalini Harisukh, Ms. Sarika Kaushal, Ms. Anjana Virmani, Ms. Nandini Dasgupta, Mr. Shekhar Sharma and Mr. Ajitkumar K.G. as a team efficiently organised this grand event along with the support of Tech. Team comprising of Mr. Thomas C.A., Mr. Diny Mathew, Mr. K.V.Joseph, Mr. Shankar Giri assisted by Mr. Ram Kumar, Mr. Makan, Mr. Raj Kumar and Mr. Ramjas.

The student team was lead by Kabir Goel, Naman Dhingra, Aravind Ashok, Shiv Sethi, Bharat Goyal, Sagnik Anupam, Sidhant Parekh, Aaryak Garg, Saumya Gaikwad, Sarah Randhawa, Arihant Hemendra and Vinamr Sachdeva. Extraordinary contributions by Natasha Arya, Priyanshi Ahuja, Angad Singh, Somesh Kar, Alhad Sethi, Shashwat Chandra, Ashvin Verma, Saksham Raheja, Sarthak Mangla, Harit Gangwani, Alankar Dutta and Aaditya Kakkar was appreciated by one and all.

The award distribution commenced with an acknowledgment of the constant guidance and support of the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, the HOD Computer Science, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, and the entire Computer Science Department. The event was graced by the presence of eminent alumni, who were presented with mementos by the Principal.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar concluded the Symposium by thanking the judges, partners, participating students and teachers of all the schools, and finally the Exun team of teachers and students for the grand success of the symposium.

The Overall Trophies were given to the following schools:


The SudoCrypt results are as follows

SudoKingAgamdeep SinghRamjas School, R.K. Puram
SudoKnight#2Dhruva GoyalThe Mother’s International School
SudoKnight#3Sahastra Dev BhadanaDelhi Public School, Vasant Kunj
SudoKnight#4Vedanta NeogiDelhi Public School, Vasant Kunj
SudoKnight#5Hitarth KhuranaDelhi Public School, Dwarka
SudoKnight#6Laxya PahujaAmity International School, Sec-46, Gurgaon

The individual results of the events were updated on as soon as events concluded.