Earth Day Celebrations 22-04-2019

A Plantation Drive was organized on 22 April 2019 on the occasion of’ Earth Day’. The students of class XII planted saplings along the football field with great Zealand enthusiasm. The drive was organised with the aim of creating awareness amongst the students regarding the plethora of advantages of planting trees as well as to sensitise them. The saplings stood tall, making the air a lot purer and made the drive a great success by creating hope for a better future. The students of class IX and X celebrated the day with fervour. Skit and song performances gave an opportunity to students and teachers alike to reflect on the goal of sustainable development. A very important message that ‘Every day should be Earth day’ was conveyed through this celebration.

      Students of class IXC participated in a workshop for creating Vertical Gardens by Mr. Amarnath. The students recycled old used plastic bottles, cocopeat, garden soil, money plant and syngonium plants to create the vertical garden and felt a deep sense of pride. The Geography department continued the Earth day celebrations by showing class VIII a movie – Our Planet by BBC in the AVH This was followed by a quiz on the same. The children were rewarded with chocolates for correct answers in the Quiz.  We are grateful to the Principal Ms Vanita Sehgal for the new audio system and projector which enhanced this experience. Classes VI and VII also celebrated Earth Day by making Posters and models with messages on them. In order to show their devotion towards the mother earth few students talked about their personal experiences on how they are helping in conserving and protecting the environment. The teachers of the geography department coordinated these events under the able guidance of Mrs.Rupa Das the Head of the Geography Department.