Digex Club Activity Session

Digex Club Activity Session was conducted on 5th May 2021on the basics of photography for the photography enthusiasts. A lot of students joined to learn the basics of photography.The members of Digex society explained the foundations of clicking a good photograph. A variety of topics were covered regarding the technical aspects of photography which include, the basic structure of a camera itself, how light moves into the camera and different features that are integral parts of a camera. Important settings that every beginner should be familiar with such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed were explained along with an in depth explanation of the importance of having a unique point of view. A fun and interactive multiple choice quiz was later conducted in ‘Kahoot’ by the club incharge Ms Sarika Kaushal where students very enthusiastically participated and tested what they had learnt during the activity. “What are the best photo and video editing softwares for beginners?” , ” what cameras are recommended for beginners?” are few of the many questions asked by the students and answered by members.” It was an eventful session which received positive feedback.