Demonstration of Biotechnology Experiments by Codon Biotech for Class XI and XII Students

A demonstration was organized on 20th November 2019 in the Senior Biology lab for the students of classes XI and XII biotechnology sections regarding experiments related to Plasmid isolation from Escherichia Coli bacteria, DNA Gel electrophoresis and DNA estimation using spectrophotometry. The students conducted practical experiments on the basis of briefing done by Dr Tripti Bhatnagar from Codon Biotech and Ms. Niva Chhonkar Head, Biology Department. The students were quite fascinated on seeing fluorescent bacterial colonies with Green Fluorescent Protein from Jelly Fish. They also isolated plasmid DNA from E. coli bacteria.DNA was cut using Restriction Enzymes followed by electrophoresis. The students noted the movement of DNA fragments after electrophoresis under Trans illuminator and found it quite enthralling. It was a fun as well as an educational experience for everyone.