Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge

3 teams of students participated in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge 2017 in the academic year 2017-2018, The 3 teams qualified as International Finalists, in the category of “Aerospace & Aviation” and were the only teams from India. After securing 3 of 8 finalist positions in the Aerospace & Aviation category, the teams went forward with their journey which took them to the final stage which was held at the Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, Florida.

The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge is organised by the NASA, SpaceX, Sigma Xi, Lockheed Martin, and other prominent companies and puts high-school students in the shoes of researchers, asking them to innovate, conceptualise, research and design products and systems which can contribute to a better world. The Summit leads the participants to seed funding grants, patent support, business services, scholarships and other opportunities.

Team Impractical Engineers created an improved “gecko boot” design, to attach to various outer structures and to be worn as part of a spacesuit for extravehicular activity.

Team Sirona created a design for a space debris elimination system, to tackle the problem of orbital debris caused by the reckless exploitation of lower Earth orbit.

Team Taabir, the first of its kind as a collaboration between India and Pakistan, sought to create an autonomous lunar mining system to create resources for future lunar and orbital missions.

As part of the Aerospace Society (Aeross) of DPS RK Puram — a student body of space enthusiasts — the students have been a constant source of innovation, have exemplified dedication and have remained at the forefront of advancing science and technology as high school students all across the world.