Commerce and Economics students of Classes IX, XI and XII participated in the Inter-school event ‘COMONOMICS’23’ hosted by Mount Carmel, Dwarka on Friday, 18th August, 2023.  The theme of the events was to promote and celebrate sustainable business practices and “Green” initiatives within the field of commerce. Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram was awarded the overall trophy. The winners of the events were as follows:

Event 1

Name of Event : De-clutter the Clutter (Online event)
Details of the event : 
A reel was to be created based on making a new item from a used item and Marketing/Promotions of the product.
Winners : 2nd Position – Arhaan Gupta (IX M)

Event 2

Name of Event : Green Conundrum (Offline event)
Details of the event : 
Round 1 included one case study question, based on Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs). 
Round 2 included the creation of a logical and coherent power point presentation with key findings, analysis and recommendations and a conclusion on any one topic given.

Winners : 1st Position 

  1. Pranshu Gupta (XI-Q) 
  2. Ojas Singal (XI-O)

Event 3

Name of Event : Start-Up Wars (Offline event)

Details of the event : 

The participants were required to create an idea for a start-up and accordingly prepare a presentation including a short video about the prototype and marketing strategy exhibiting the business plan incorporating problems that are being addressed along with their solution, their Unique Selling Proposition, sales strategies, Fund/capital requirement, Target audience & strategies for customer demography

Winners : 3rd Position 

  1. Aadya Mishra (XII-Q)
  2. Raj Aggarwal (XII-Q)
  3. Srivatsala Krishna (XII-Q)     
4. Kashvi Arora (XII-Q)