Class XI Virtual Orientation Programme

An  online orientation programme was organised for the parents of class XI students on Monday 11 May 2020 and Tuesday 12 May 2020.


The meeting was conducted by the class teachers who invited the parents to join the online meeting.The class teachers introduced the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan to the parents. Ms Padma Srinivasan addressed all the parents and welcomed them.She told them that in the prevailing times technology had come to man’s rescue in the  smooth functioning of the school system.She also told them that the school looked forward to their support to ensure that students followed discipline during online classes.The principal also requested the parents to ensure that  students followed a routine.She updated the parents about the yoga classes being  organised for students in the evening so that they feel energised and fresh.

The Vice Principal, Dr Renu Nayyar addressed the parents,welcomed the new admissions(day scholars and hostellers) to the DPS family and told them about the importance of regularity,quizzes in various subjects  being conducted by the school. 

The Class Representatives welcomed the parents by stressing upon the importance of virtual disclaimer which had been mailed to the parents in the beginning of virtual session.The subject teachers briefed the parents about their subject,books,project work and the marking scheme of the paper. 

The meeting ended with the class teachers thanking the parents for participating enthusiastically in the programme and understanding the ethos of the school. 74% of the parents attended the orientation programme.